Today I went through four and a half years of memories with an old girlfriend which included dozens of love notes, scrapbooks, CD's, old movie stubs, random gifts, and so much more, and burned them in the flames. They were holding me back, keeping me from moving forward, stopping me from loving the girl of my dreams the way she deserves to be loved. This was the poem that came from that event.

Consuming Flames

The flames are all consuming,

What goes in never comes back out.

They devour without thought or reason,

Their purpose is to consume all they can.

Today those flames consumed me,

They consumed my past memories.

The flames took in note after note,

They consumed picture after picture.

Nothing survived,

Nothing came out.

My memories entered the flames,

And the flames consumed them.

They twirled and burned,

Danced and spun from side to side.

The flames took no mercy,

The flames took no prisoners.

They consumed,

They destroyed.

The flames took my memories,

As they should have long ago.

Now it's time for what's next,

To build new memories and love anew.

Now LORD consume me in your flames,

Take me and devour me and let me never be the same.

The last line, where I say LORD, I am referring to the one true God, my heavenly father, not my girlfriend as LORD. I am asking Him to take me and make me anew in his refining flames, so that I may be a new person from who I used to be.