A sharp something shoots up my spine -
I blink my eyes twice. No, they aren't deceiving me.
You really are there, in all your sun kissed splendour.

My head throbs and aches, not believing you could be
here. Shy pecks on cheeks and tender
embraces rush back like blood into my brain, and I remember
hours spent holding hands in nearby lands and days gone by,
when the sun was desert gold. But clouds came
and sent you away.

It was like you had died
to my small town imagination, only as wide
as the road from my house to the boarders of home.

But now you're here! You're back, with the city
on your clothes and on your lips. Can the years spent alone
be coming to an end? Your gaze turns my way -
but wait. Look. Is that smudge in your eye

And that's when I know the hope filled days
so fresh in my mind are history to you. You cannot stay
in them forever – here forever – with my forever.

A sharp something shoots up my spine -
I turn away. Just now, something died.