The Greyhound bus crawled to a stop outside of the LM Clayton Airport. One by one the passengers disembarked, picking up their bags. One of the men rubbed his cheek scar sighing lightly. It was a little monotonous going from place to place on bus and on foot. He and the others started down the road, but barely got two feet before a yell emerged.

"Cody! Don't forget your backpack." Emily yelled at him hands on her hips.

"I got it, I got it." Cody snatched up his pack hoisting it on his shoulders. "I'm not a kid you know?"

"Relax, we just can't be leaving stuff, and you know that." Rex clarified.

"I get, fo' you!" Yin said happily, taking it off of his shoulders.

"Children." Leo growled lightly, rolling his eyes at the Chinese wolf. Fifty years old or not she still acted like a young child.

"You're a prince Cody." Melony stated more than anything, turning her clothed head towards him. "Act like one, and do be sure not to forget your stuff." Cody mumbled to himself kicking a rock down the road.

"Come on let's get off the beaten path." Leo ordered, heading off the road. One by one the pack followed him. Once they were out of sight Cody transformed into his werewolf form, looking more like a shaggy collie than a wolf. However he still had the wolf ears, tail, and eyes.

Cody trotted alongside the group, head held up proudly. They walked until the sun started to set low in the western sky. "We need to find a place to get food." Rex stated, knowing they were running low on reserves.

"Well," Travis sniffed the air a few times before finishing his sentence. "There's a river nearby we could camp out near there and catch some fish." They all seemed to be in agreement, though it was merely by head nods, shoulder shrugs, or grunts.

Once they got to the river Leo gathered everyone up and had them start making camp. Cody mean while went down to the river to take a drink after the long walk and maybe snatch himself a meal at the same time. Cody's tongue barely had the chance to touch the water before a huge set of jaws came out.

"CODY!" Travis yelled, running at him. He grabbed Cody by the scruff of the neck as he dived at him. The two rolled out of the way, of the creatures jaws. A low growl rumbled out causing the water to jump, and the ground to shake. There in front of them, sticking out of the water was the large head of a salt water crocodile, with tribal markings on its scales.

Without thinking Rex jumped the crocodile, wrapping his arms and legs around the croc's large mouth. Rex held its mouth shut, while being whipped from side to side. Melony gripped Cody's shoulder squeezing it hard, in a way that made sure he was okay but keeping him from fighting. Meanwhile Yin and Emily watched the fiasco.

"Shit." Leo grumbled running towards the river, jumping in the water, trying to get Rex off. The croc pulled them away from the shore, thrashing his head around. Travis couldn't help but rub his temple, it was best one of them stay on land, so as to pull their asses out of the water later.

The crocodile sank under the water, death rolling with the two boys, who where holding on for dear life.


The low growl that rumbled through the land caused Bison's ears to twitch. He turned to Gatler who was dousing in his hammock. They shared a glance before Gatler waved Bison off. "You deal with it." Gatler mumbled out closing his eyes once more, running his hand over the back of the person sleeping on his stomach.

Bison folded up his whittling knife, setting the block of wood and knife on the deck. Standing up Bison headed away from the large ranch, and to the source of the growl.

By the time Bison got down to the river the sun was down, though the sky was still tinted pink. He came just in time to see the crocodile smash its tail against Leo's ribs. The force sent Leo flying out of the river landing hard against the dirt. Rubbing his brow Bison walked into the river, picking the crocodile up by its neck, pulling Rex off of its mouth.

It took a second for everyone to realize what happened. But once they did, "BISON!" Cody screamed, pulling away from Melony, running up to Bison, hugging him around the torso. It wasn't long after that the others soon realized what that meant. It caused Travis to perk up and smile, as it meant Tala would be close by. Though Leo only groaned. Partly because his ribs had been smashed and partly because both he and Emily knew that it meant Gatler would be around. Rex was the only one who really seemed neutral about their situation.

"What are you doing here?" Rex queried. Bison just shrugged his shoulders setting Rex down on the ground, giving a death glare to the crocodile.

"Aww shit." The croc growled out, causing every ones jaws to drop.

"Why did you attack us?" Leo snapped, which got him a shrug from the croc.

"Ya Dingos were in ma territory."

"I ought to make a leather hand bag out of you." Emily crossed her arms looking over at him.

"Ey I aint noy one's purse." He growled at her.

"Not yet."

Before he could fire back a response Bison tossed him over his shoulder, letting him land on his chest. Bison grabbed the crocs tail and started to drag him off. He turned around and motioned for the others to follow.


Gatler's eyes snapped open when the smell of who was coming back hit his nose. There were two uninvited guest heading their way. "Valerik, take her inside."

"Yes-Zir." Valerik closed up his computer, taking the girl from Gatler.

"When you've made sure she's safe get back down here."

"Of kourse."

Gatler got out of his hammock transforming heading down to meet their guest. Tala closed her book, following the growling werewolf. Gatler stood a good twenty feet away from Bison and Leo's pack. His teeth were bared, and fur bristled.

The Pack looked at Gatler like he was nuts. The last time they'd meant they'd became good friends, and they left on good terms. Or So Leo thought, what could have happened in two years to make him act this way? Maybe it had something to do with the scent of human on him. Then again didn't he work with humans all the time?

Travis didn't seem to care though; he wasted no time running over to his mate. He enveloped Tala in a tight hug, giving her a strong kiss on the lips.

Gater didn't seem to care about Travis, his eyes were fixed on the women who was covered in white. "What's this creature doing here?"

Melony pushed herself in front of Rex and Leo. She bowed to Gatler, which caught him slightly off guard. "Thank you for killing the traitor Maria. I am the daughter of the man whom you know best as Count Dracula." This information only caused Gatler's growl to deepen. "If you threaten me or them I'll send my father to skin you alive." Melony hissed at him.

"Aldrick!" Gatler turned his attention to the croc. "What the hell were you thinking? How many times have I told you no swimming in public areas?"

"But thay was in me territory." Aldrick had turned himself around, Bison still gripping his tail.

"You were on public land!"


"What if you'd been caught or someone was hurt?"

"What about Cody? He almost got his head bitten off." Emily interjected, cutting Gatler off.

"What if humans had caught you!"

"What about Cody?" She snapped again.

"What about us?" Both Leo and Rex complained.

"I don't have skin on my arms." Rex commented his raw arms held up so as to not touch anything.

"I can fix zat." Valerik came walking up from the house, motioning for Rex to come with him.

Gatler rubbed his temple grumbling to himself. "You…in the white,"

"My name is Melony." Her voice had a sharp bite to it.

"Fine whatever, you don't eat kids do you?"

"What?" Melony took a step back hand to her chest. "You can't be serious. I'm no Lucy, she's the bitch that killed children. Thank God she's dead at that."

"And what about you?" Gatler pointed to Yin as he said this. "I've known some bad wolves in my day, I don't need you slinking around attacking anyone."

"I, onry use, craw', in defen'e." Yin said in a huffy voice.

"Fine." Snorting lightly Gatler turned back to Aldrick. "Go take their stuff to the house and then turn back and STAY on my property. Do you understand?"

"Yeis." Aldrick mumbled, as Bison let him go.

"Yes what?" Gatler frowned crossing his arms.

"YEIS SIR!" Aldrick saluted him and picked up the others packs, walking them to the house.

"Alright come on, you've come this far might as well come the rest of the way. Besides I think Emily would kill me if I kept her from a bed that's so close."

"Damn straight." Her words caught Gatler by surprise, but he just shrugged it off.

"Come on Lover boy lets go." Gatler yanked Travis by the earring. "You can get re-acquainted later." Tala just laughed at her mate walking with the others to the house.


"So you must be a new pack member of Galter's?" Rex's question came out more like a statement, as Valerik had him sit on the edge of the medical bed.

"Aye, you korrect. My namez Valerik, I'm coming from Russia." Valerik held a blue-green past in his hand, applying some to the backs of the wraps.

"Russia? Then how'd you meet Gaaatler?" Rex yelped a bit at the cold liquid stung his raw skin.

"Ve meet year ago, Russian prison fazility. Szpecial place vor people like us."

"If it was for werewolves how come you don't smell like one?" Rex questioned.

"Yezs an' no. He vas not only one volv zare. Zen Zars ozer monsters." Valerik cut the wraps and clipped ends offs. "Now za ozer arm ya?"

"Right go ahead…so, if you don't mind me inquiring,"



"Meanz no in Russian."

Rex just went with it, after all it wasn't like he was fluent in Russian. "What kind of creature are you?"

"I Ermine. Zimple medikal miztake."

"Medical?" Rex's tone was worried as he looked at the bandages on his arm.

"No worry, perfectly szafe. My medikal szcience miztake no relation." Valerik patted Rex's back stiffly. "Good tomorrow ya? Oh. Kareful sleeping, stainzs, armz blue vor vile."

"Wait blue? How long."

"Varies, zometimes day zometimes vew weeks."

"Weeks?" Rex panicked as Valerik put the stuff back, cleaning up. Great he was going to be blue armed, and god knows jokes made at his expense. Just his timing too, as the sound of the door swinging open could be heard, along with it slamming shut a few seconds later.

"Kome, ve meet ozers." Valerik smiled pleasantly patting Rex on the back, heading out to the living room.

They headed to the living room, which was open to the kitchen and dining room. They were welcomed by a stifled grunting laugh, from Gatler. "Well I must say Rex it's good to see you but, I can't wait to see you without the bandages."

"Why what's the big deal?" Cody asked looking over from his spot on Bison's shoulder.

"Oh you'll see in the morning." Gatler snickered a bit, tugging Rex's goatee. "Looks like the pups all grown up eh? Fuzz on your face, and meat on your bones."

Rex pulled his head away. "Hey that's attached to my face." He rubbed his chin lightly grumbling a bit. Though he couldn't keep the smirk from his face.

Aldrick came down the stairs in a pair of marsh green pants. He had maori tribal tattoos on his right arm and chest. He had the same type of tattoos on his head, in the form of a Mohawk, eyebrows, and fangs along his jaw, as well as part of his lower lip. He had a necklace around his neck with a pendent, and croc fangs around it. The croc teeth were also made into earings, his right ear having several silver rings into it as well. The most disconcerting part of the man was not his stature; to which he stood shorter than Bison but taller than Gatler, but it was the fact that his crocodile eyes stayed with him even in his human form. "Well Mates, ya bags are in by ya rooms, so go crash 'cuz ya don' wanna miss tucker."

"Tucker?" Emily questioned.

"Aye, ya know tucker, eats, grub, at sorta thing." Aldrick clarified.

"You certainly found some strange new members." Travis said while wrapping his arm around Tala's shoulders.

"We aren't the only ones who've changed." Tala corrected, noting that Leo's whole pack had changed, just as they had.

"Hey Pups, keep it down and go to bed already." Gatler growled at them, shooing them off to bed.


Emily was the first to wake up, heading down the stairs to the kitchen, where Tala was making a pot of coffee. "A lot has changed in the past two years hasn't it?"

Tala nodded while pouring her a cup of coffee as well. "Yes it has. More than you'd think in fact."

"Oh really?" Emily smiled taking a sip of her coffee. "How so?"

"Well you've already meant Aldrick and at least seen Valerik. So we have those two to deal with."

"Yes, well Aldrick is quite an interesting man. He seems like quite the hassle."

"Yes well we also have Gwen."

"Who's…" Emily started only to be cut short by a child's voice.

"Aunty Tala, I'm hungry and Daddy won't wake up." Gwen whined softly. Tala picked up the three year old, setting Gwen on the stool next to her. She had bright blue green eyes, and ginger hair.

"Gwen, it's rude to interrupt when someone is talking to someone else."

"I'm sorry Aunty Tala." Gwen looked down at her feet, swinging them slightly.

Tala just shook her head. "What would you like to have for breakfast?"

"Pop Tarts and Oatmeal!" She cheered happily.

Tala almost stifled a laugh rolling her eyes. "You are just like your father."

"Father?" Emily asked astonished. "Who's her father?" Before Tala could answer a loud grunting snore came from the living room.

The snore was loud enough that Rex woke himself up from it. "Hu what?" Rex yawned letting his tongue stretch out of his mouth. He turned human and pulled his boxers and pants on, before walking towards the lit kitchen. He barely got one step into the door way before he stopped. Blinking a few times Rex shook his head, to clear his thoughts, looking at the little girl. "Who's the kid?"

Gwen turned around in her stool, looking Rex in the eyes. "My names Gwen Mr. Wolf."

"Mr…Wolf?" Rex cocked his brow at the little girl, place his foot on the trashcans peddle to open the lid. He started to peel off the bandages, giving Emily a look, to ask if she knew where the kid came from.

"So how did you know Rex was a wolf?" Emily asked the girl, giving Rex a shrug.

"It's simple. Uncle Valerik had to give him the blue stuff that makes you guys heal faster. And," she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "I live with enough were-creatures to know how to spot one. Your eyes are sharp and your nose twitches at every new smell, and your ears twitch ever so slightly at the tiniest sounds."

Rex blinked cocking his brow at her. "Your one smart girl, how old are you Gwen?"

"I'm three years old." She said holding up three fingers to him.

Rex leaned over smiling to her. "Well it's nice to meet you Gwen." He held out his hand noticing the blue tint to his skin. "wha…AHHHH!" Rex let out a blood curdling man scream. It caused Leo's whole pack and even Gatlers to come running down the stairs.

"What the fuck just happened?" Leo yelled at him.

"My arms they're freakin' blue!" Rex screamed.

Leo frowned growling at him as was everyone else. "Really that's what you got us all up for? REALLY! Because your ARMS ARE BLUE!"

"I zaid ya might be blue vor a vew weeks." Valerik said rubbing his temple.

"Well since we're all up," Leo started, only to be cut off by Travis.

"Except for Gatler and Melony."

"The hell you talking about?" Gatler growled walking in the other side of the kitchen with Melony behind him. Her in her white robe, and he in his black boxers. Gatler paid no mind to the others walking up to Gwen. "Up a little early aren't you Red?"

"Yes well, who was the one who put me to bed early?" She frowned at him, sticking her tongue out.

Gatler laughed at the girl placing one hand on the counter and the other on the edge of the stool. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, ruffling her hair. "Can't blame me for being protective."

Gwen smiled giggling. "Yes Daddy…that's mine!" She called as Gatler stole one of her Pop Tarts, dipping it in the oatmeal, and taking a bite out of it.

Every jaw belonging to Leo's pack hit the ground. Gatler the man who hated humans was cuddling a little three year old human girl. Emily and Yin couldn't help but say "Awww she's so cute."

By this time Rex had stopped freaking out over his blue arms, having caught what the girls said about Gatler and Gwen. "See, knew you could settle down."

"She's my baby girl, and if anything happens to her I'll skin the person alive who did it." Galter said with a sharp growl. It caused Gwen to giggle, and snuggle into Gatler's torso. Gatler just shook his head, kissing the top of Gwen's head. "Eat your breakfast Red. Daddy's going to go dress." Gatler patted her head, while heading off. Leo and the boys rolled their eyes at Gatler, while Melony just shook her head a bit.

"Well I doyn' knoyw bout ya, but this Crocs hittin' the showa." Aldrick gave them a wave heading off.

"Well, we should at least go for a run." Leo said looking at his blue armed companion, as well as Travis.

"And you have lessons young prince." Melony said to Cody, tapping her elbow.

"Oh fine." Cody hopped up going to the living room while she went to get dressed.

"Hey," Rex looked over to Valerik. "Will this turn my fur blue?"

"Vell…" Valerik combed his mutton chops looking at Rex's arms. "Maybe, ve vind out, vew minutes."

"That's not really inspiring much confidence, Doc."

"Vell, vhat do you vont vrom me?"

"A little less maybe, and a little more yes or no?"

"Come on Rex lets go." Leo barked dragging him outside. It didn't take more than a minute or so before they heard Rex's man in a school girl outfit scream.

"I take it, it did turn his fur blue?"

"On nuzhen vrach." Valerik smiled shaking his head at Rex's plight.

It caused a laugh to come from Yin. " Dat good one."

"Ah, you zpeak Russian?"

"I rook Chinese, but I raise, Russian."

Valerik nodded simply looking at the two girls. "Zince Bizon took little girl, perhapzs ve szhow you round?" He gestured to himself and Tala as he said this.

"Why not, my guess is like last time we'll probably be here a while." Emily said causing both Valerik and Yin to look at her.

"Don't ask." Tala said simply taking them out back. "So you've seen what's different with us, what about you?"

"Where to begin," Emily looked over to Yin who merely shrugged. It was obvious to Yin the pack had meant them before, though she was at a lost about this pack. They seemed to live separate from the problems Leo faced. "Cody got kidnapped shortly after we left you guys, and was taken to the desert. We meant up with Victoria, and found out Draco is going to be woken up soon. We got attacked and Leo knocked me out, and next thing I know I wake up at our old apartment in New York. Then six months ago Leo showed up at my door and I shot him…"

"Wait, wait, you shot him?" Tala asked shocked looking at her in astonishment.

"Yes I shot him, he knocked me the fuck out and abandoned me!" Emily snapped. "Then we meant up with Yin and Melony again, next thing I know we're in Montana looking for werewolves." Emily huffed out.

"Vell, lookz like you vound some."

"Well you are the last people we thought we'd run into, especially after that crocodile innocent." She turned to Valerik, looking him in the eyes. "I have words for that man."

"Tis Aldrick he…" Valerik paused thinking his words over. "Not very good vith people. Lest you didn't zee him in a krowd. He not zocial perzon, he good perzon at heart. Even takes Guinevere to zkool."

"I can't imagine what the teachers think of him." Emily wondered; try to imagine anyone of the pack members taking her to school. Bison probably would have given any teacher a heart attack, well, all of them except for Tala probably would. "Wait where is Gatler? Thought he said he was going taking a shower and meet back with us?" Emily pondered.