dripping down,

it falls on you,

saliva and blood;

pinkish hue.


your mouth _ it forms an open 'o'.

the scream begins,

it pours from the throat.


it's not yours, but someone else's.


(disembodied. it screeches out, like metal ripping and rubber burning.)


turn around...

furry forelegs.


lift your face and

whimper in fright.

the beastly jowls are like

carving knives.


the silver pelt,

those piercing claws,

butcher shop mouth and

bone crunching howl...

glistening tongue

lacquered in blood.


blue eyes with the intensity of ice;

clear and cold,

they glint in hunger.


you turn away and then

you find he is no longer there,

no longer behind...


with a shaking hand

you pinch your skin,

this isn't a dream


(it will not end)


fear is prevalent as you walk away,

hoping to God that he will stay at bay.

no snapping twigs;

you feel you are safe.

look around...


in the space of a breath you find him beside you.

if you think that was frightening,

this will shock you.


a shiver runs through your body,

blood pumping cold.

as those monster claws tear to the bone,


flesh rips away and

blood begins to pool _ the man inside is losing control.


a scratching yowl is brought from your throat

as his teeth work together

shredding muscle from bone.


you're still crying out

though the mouth is slowing down,

he licks at your wounds and

he moves around.


he might watch you die.

he might run away.


he sniffs at the air,

smelling your blood;

the coppery taste and

the dulling thud.


your heart is giving up,

it won't last much longer and

all you say is "mother..."


he stalks around like a man possessed,

waiting for something and

filled with dread.

maybe he's sorry...


(maybe it was a mistake)


your teeth chatter rhythms,

and the nerves shudder awake.


the freshness of the pain beginning anew

brings your tears to surface

as the sobs wash over you.


the furry form recedes from view;

blurring at the edges as you near your doom.