Like a flower and a forest fire

we were such an odd pair

watching you sit on the side of the street every day

with those sad, sad eyes

I didn't pity you

not at first, not in the least

one day out of the blue I would take you home

like a candle in the wind

the eyes glowed innocence and beauty

and something in my heart stirred

you liked my smell of booze and cigarettes

you liked the sound of my mother's records

I thought you were strange, but a necessary evil

but your smile would always brighten my day

I remember coming back home late one night

with you just sitting on my bed waiting

you tried to scold me for not being there

and I might have

accidently kissed you

staring into those too young eyes

I knew no matter how much I loved you

you were only thirteen and that this was a crime

I left you outside in the rain that day

like a sweet and a small child (like you were)

I would through tantrums until I saw you again

I would hold you in my arms and coo to you softly

it was strange

and disgusted even myself

but in those blue, blue eyes I knew I could never let you go

I knew you would never love me

but angel

I loved you