Half and Half

She was pretty sure that her boyfriend was a top secret spy; what else could be the cause for him standing her up all the time? Either that or he's cheating on her.

Jordan Bennett didn't like to wait for anyone. She in her own right was a Princess and thought that she deserved to be treated so-at least by her boyfriend. And if he treated her right then she'd gladly reciprocate and treat him like the Prince he is. But Levy Towson did not treat her like a Princess.

As Jordan sat at Cantina D'Italia alone in a strapless simple cocktail dress on her birthday she was feeling more like a corner side whore. She couldn't believe this. Lev told her that he'd meet her here and she had to be there. He specifically requested to have dinner earlier so they could be alone before they went out to her birthday party all her friend's threw for her.

But no, Levy Towson was not here. And all she could think of was how much of a lucky bastard he was that she was waiting here still.

Jordan and Levy had been dating for a year and a half, give or take a couple of months, and knew each other for a lot longer than that. So naturally they were close. They didn't always get along but they knew how to talk to each other and who each other was. Sometimes it felt like Levy knew Jordan more than she knew herself. She could read into the very depths of her soul. At least that's what he told her and he has yet to prove her wrong.

Things were going great, Hell they were going great but then again here she was alone looking heartbreakingly attractive. Her makeup was perfect, smoky eyes to compliment her steel gray eyes and blood red lips to match her dress. And her bright red pumps seemed to extend her perfectly toned legs. Of course her short, form fitting dress left little to the imagination. Which left her and everyone else in the restaurant wondering why she was without a partner.

The thought dawned on Jordan again, why shouldn't she just dump Levy? Why couldn't she just leave the restaurant as a sign of her metaphorically also leaving her current boyfriend.

Jordan let out a sigh. No, Levy was far more than just her boyfriend. She was pretty sure that he would always be in her life, whether they were together or not. She hated to admit it but she needed him. He was one of her best friends. They were best friends back in high school. Jordan was the biggest bitch to walk the halls of West Springfield and Levy was the biggest jerk. They were a match made in heaven. They weren't having sex all over the place with anyone they could and they even had an occasional boyfriend of girlfriend within those four years of high school. Jordan and Levy were just mean.

In a sense Levy was a player. He liked to mess with people and play games. And Levy Towson just loved to mess with Jordan. If he wasn't taunting her about her love life, he was throwing things at her, spreading rumors about her or anything that could piss her off.

Jordan let out a loud groan as she stomped her foot. She was done waiting.

"Miss would you like to order now?" The waiter, Jefferson, asked. He shot her an apologetic smile.

"Um…" she checks her Blackberry. Nothing from her boyfriend. A lot of happy birthday texts and then some actual significant texts from Chandler and Chelsea, "I guess so. What do you recommend again?"

She didn't know why she was doing this, she should just leave but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She had believe that he wouldn't completely stand her up.

"Well, how about I surprise you? Free meal if you don't like it. And still free meal if you do." He gives her a pearly white smile. Jefferson had actually seen Jordan here a couple of times before with that guy. Of course Jefferson knew she was taken, and that she was out of his league but it wouldn't hurt to be nice to her. Plus it'd give him bonus points in her book if she was ever single again.

Levy was always one of the tallest guys. He has this strong build that wasn't muscular or beefy, just enough to show that he had strength, a perfect face and the biggest sloppiest smile.

When people saw them together everyone could see how her body fit perfectly into his.

"Okay," Jordan chuckles, "Some wine would be good too."

"I'll be right back with your wine then." He smiles.

Jordan huffs as she rests her chin on her hand.

Chelsea told her this would happen. Time and time again she told her best friend that Levy would only end up being a disappointment. She also happened to warn that her with Levy's new job he'd be even more of a disappointment. They shared an apartment, Jordan and Levy. But he always had to travel, Levy might as well be a spy. He was head of the design and advertising department at this company. This job earned him a lot of money and recognition so she didn't mind. But she did mind that he didn't bother to tell her things anymore.

Recently they just kept missing each other so they haven't spent quality time together in about two weeks.

After finished her meal and two glasses of wine, Chelsea arrives to pick her best friend up. She dropped her off here so that Chelsea would pick her up and drive her to the party. It was her best friend's 24th birthday party and she didn't want anyone to ruin this. Except a certain man already ruined most of the day, she wasn't going to let the night go awry. Chelsea has known Levy a year before he met Jordan and she was irritated just by the mention of his name. He was annoying and stupid and didn't deserve Jordan.

"Dear, are you sure you're okay?" Chelsea asks, keeping her eyes on the road.

"Chels, I'm fine. Can we please not talk about my stupid boyfriend? At least for tonight."

"Fine, fine. We can discuss this later. But he's not allowed into the party."

"I doubt he'll even show up anyway." Jordan keeps her voice unwavering.

She felt tears stinging in the back of her eyes. It hurt that her Levy could so easily forget about her.

"Don't worry Jord, tonight will be amazing."

But of course the night did not go amazing. It began great, the rented out a private room in the Blue Room and it was filled with all of Jordan's closest friends. Drinks went around and bunches of people were dancing. The Blue Room is this swanky club and it's always been Jordan's favorite considering the types of people the club attracted.

But then Levy had to show up. Of course she expected to avoid talking to him until tomorrow, she planned on going home with Chelsea and sleeping over at her place for the night.

"Jordan!" Levy calls our, weaving through the crowd. She wondered how he managed to get in. She knew that Chelsea would try her best to make sure that Levy would be kept away. But then Chandler is friends with Levy and Levy's best friends Tom, Hansen and Darien were all there.

"Fuck," she cursed under her breath. She tried her best to move through the crowd and exit to the public area.

"Jordan, don't run away!" He starts to move faster through the crowd. His heart is pounding and he feels a nasty pang in his chest.

Jordan doesn't reply and is soon engulfed by the large crowd outside of her special birthday room.

Chelsea and the boys watched the scene go down. Tom stops Chelsea from attacking Levy but she manages to drag Tom with her to Levy.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!" Chelsea shouts.

"I'm here because of-"

"No. No you are not allowed to be here. You already ruined part of her birthday and you're not allowed to ruin the rest of it!"

"Chelsea," Levy sucks in some air, "I'll make it up to her I promise." Despite that she's Jordan's best friend he still doesn't like her, he thinks she's annoying and too nosey. Of course he knows what she just said was right. But in all honesty Levy believes that even though he's been really busy it'll be worth it.

He originally planned on proposing to her at dinner but he fell asleep at the office. He's been spending all his time at the office and working to get his recent project done. This recent project is earning him a lot of money, enough to support Jordan and him.

Levy had bought her engagement ring a week ago right after he got his paycheck for the month. He was finally able to get her the ring she deserves but unless he fixes things, she won't even be with him long enough to see it.

"Calm down," Tom tries to soothe her. Despite that Tom has a girlfriend, who wasn't invited to the party; Tom always felt something more for Chelsea-beyond friendship.

"Tom, don't tell me to calm down." she glares daggers at him but it doesn't faze him and he just rubs her arms. He had to admit that she looked hot in her powder blue dress-her favorite color.

In the midst of this Levy was already scrambling around the club to find the love of his life.

"Chels, Lev really loves Jordan. He needs her and he'd do anything for her-"

"Anything but actually show up to their dates?" she interrupts.

Tom just brushes it off, "I'm not supposed to tell you this but Levy has been at work all the time because-"

"He's been cheating on Jordan with the office slut?" she suggests.

"Because he needs to money. He wants to ask Jordan to marry him. He wad going to do it today at dinner but when I came by his office to get my laptop I found him asleep at his desk. Chels, he knows he screwed up. But he's trying to fix it," he looks deep into Chelsea's eyes and she look a bit guilty. She was guilty. She disapproved of Levy sure, but she didn't think he'd do something like that. She had to admit that Levy was different around Jordan. His love for her was evident but still, she just wished he didn't love her.

Chelsea's disapproval for Levy also stems off from the fact that he stole Jordan away from her older brother Dimitri. Jordan and Chelsea always planned for her to marry her big brother so she'd be a part of the Hamilton household and not Towson.

Meanwhile, Jordan was downing a martini and thinking about how this was all reminiscent of a My Super Sweet Sixteen episode. She was 24, she thought, she was too old for this.

She had to admit though, seeing Levy after he broke her heart made her sadder than she thought. There was this pounding in her chest. Half of her was happy that he was here and hoped he came to apologize and make everything right; but then the other half wanted to punch him and bitch him out.

Dating Levy made Jordan sort of a softie.

She let out a pathetic sigh and let her shoulders slump.


Jordan pitifully looked to her left, her big gray eyes showing her vulnerability.

"I'm Ashton." the man finishes. Jordan looks him over, about her height A's opposed to Levy's massive size, blonde hair and average eyes. All in all he was pretty average. What gave this loser the idea that he had a chance with Jordan? The fact that she looks vulnerable and is downing A's many drinks A's she can.

"Jordan." she returns looking away.

"What a cute name for such a beautiful girl."

Jordan snorts, "Sorry hun, gotta do better than that."

"How about I take you home and show you how much better I am?"

"Look, you're creepy. And clearly I'm out of your league and I have a boyfriend. At least I think I do. But either way you should just back off." Jordan stands up and sways a bit. As she turns to leave Ashton grabs her arm.

"Hey look you bitch-"

"How about you back the fuck up off my girlfriend?" Levy seethes. Jordan slowly blinks adding in an eye roll. She wasn't a damsel in distress!

"I can handle myself Lev,"

"Jordan baby, I know you can. But if this douche bag doesn't take his hand off of you then I have no other choice than to pulverize him before you even get the chance to defend yourself." Jordan's eyes drifted to Ashton's tight grip on her arm.

Admittedly Ashton was a bit scared. Levy was a good head and a half taller than him, and this guy looked pissed. But his ego was too big to back down too easily.

"And makes you think that you could beat me up so easily?" Ashton challenges.

Levy gives him this look that says 'are you really that much of an idiot?' and snarls a bit, "Are you blind or just stupid? I'm a giant, you're a shrimp. I used to play rugby, lacrosse and wrestling. I'm going to guess you either didn't play or sport or did something lame and sat on the bench the whole time."

"Levy is it? Look you're just some tool who is player hating here so I suggest you-"

"Okay what the fuck we already established that I'm not interested in you!" Jordan shouts, "And Lev, I am not a damsel in distress-"

"Baby, isn't that what you always wanted? To be treated like a princess?"

"Princess and damsels are not the same thing." I defend.

"Yes they are!"

"No! Princesses are royalty, damsels are not."

"Jordan can we please have this conversation away from this jerk?" Levy glares at Ashton.

Jordan sighs and stomps of Ashton's foot with her killer heels. Ashton winces in pain and bends over a bit before Jordan pushes him away. Of course Levy gives him a good hard push to the ground before ushering his girlfriend away.

The two make their way over to the bathrooms. The ladies' room on the left and the men's on the right and a mirror hanging on the wall in between.

Jordan takes a moment to look in the mirror; she can see the stress in her eyes and the frown she's sporting.

"Baby look-"

"Don't even try to reason with me Levy Ryan Towson. I will never forgive you for forgetting about me on my fucking birthday. And I will never forgive you for constantly bailing out on dates! I really did try to not think about it but I have a feeling you're cheating on me. It'd not that I don't trust you but I seriously have no idea as to why you'd be spending so much time ditching me. And if you really are cheating on me then I will never forgive for that either!" Jordan's breath is fast and hard.

A pained look crosses Levy's face, "Jordan sweetheart, I get where you're coming from and I don't blame you for thinking something sketchy was happening. But I promise that I didn't cheat on your and that I never will or would. I'd kill myself before I'd let that happen. I love you. Baby I love you so much you know that right? I-I've been working so much because I want us to be together. I have this really important client and getting all my work done and even extra work is what I needed to do. I know my work isn't nearly as important as you are but baby I had to. I need the money for our future, I want to spend the rest of my life with you Jordan-"

Jordan's heart dropped, he was working himself like a dog for her? Is she guessing right? Does he want to marry her?

"No, Levy, stop. I don't care. I love you baby, I really do. More than you know but if you can't tell me things then how are we supposed to spend the rest of our lives together? You could've just told me. All you're stupid secrecy, planning and ulterior motives were driving me crazy! I just can't do this." And with that Jordan ran. Levy tried to follow her but Chelsea kept him at bay as the two girls left.

It broke his heart. Levy Towson's heart was shattered into a million pieces. Why was he so stupid? He should've just bought her a ring he could afford. He should've proposed in a cute simple way so that she'd know exactly why he had to work. So then when he had the money he needed he could then surprise her. He should've done that. But no he had to make decisions without Jordan.

What a stupid decision that was.

He didn't see her the day after her birthday, and the day after that many of her belongings were gone. Nothing major, just the small important belongings. She left most of her clothes and shoes at the apartment though so she'd be back.

Levy sent sunflowers to her at work- she worked at real estate company- sunflowers were her favorite. He made sure that there was always a sunflower where ever she typically went. Starbucks, the café she loved that doubled as a cupcake store, outside of Chelsea's apartment, her favorite stores, everywhere.

He kept calling her and calling her, sending her text messages. He even sent letters.

Jordan had enough, she couldn't let this go on.

Jordan angrily unlocked the door to their apartment. She stumbled through and found Levy in a white t-shirt and plain blue jeans cooking.

"Jordan!" Levy smiles, surprised.

"Levy Ryan Towson you are getting on my damn nerves! All I see are sunflowers everywhere! You know I can't resist them and it's seriously becoming far too difficult to stay mad at you. Yet here I am, fuming and totally pissed yet I'm so damn happy just to see you-" By now Levy already dropped his cooking utensils and rushed over to his love. He cut her off by cupping her face with his large calloused hand and pressing his lips to hers. Her body was pressed up against the door and their bodies fit together perfectly. One hand was on her hip and his figure was towering over hers. Their lips were moving perfectly in sync, Levy began to lick and nip at her bottom lip. Jordan naturally opened her mouth for his tongue. Their kisses stopped far too soon for either of their liking.

"Love…" Jordan trailed off.

"Yes my love?" Levy smiled as he pressed his nose to her cheek.

"This fight we had may be over but it doesn't mean that I'm not still mad that you went and decided things about us without me."

"I wouldn't expect anything more." He gave her lips a chaste kiss, "Jord?"


"Will you marry me?" Levy pulled out a ring form his pocket and placed it between her fingers. It was simple yet extravagant, there was a gold silver band encrusted with small diamonds and a large square cut diamond in the middle.

"No." She smiled.

"What?" Levy said taken back.

"That oh so charming man from the bar already asked me to marry him. What was his name again? Ashton?" Jordan rolled her eyes, mischief in her eyes.

"Oh is that so?" Levy smirked, "Well how about I make you an offer you can't refuse?"

"And what may that be?"

"Jordan Bailey Bennett, will you be my Queen?"

"Oh, is it queen now? Well I mean I guess so." She smiles. Jordan gives her new fiancé a deep loving kiss.

"I love you." He breathes.

Jordan doesn't say anything for a moment as he kisses her cheek.

She feels the butterflies and that giddy feeling in her chest. She knew that she loved him more than she could love anyone else.

"I love you too, your highness."

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