When people want to be someone
more than just a normal friend—
I tend to be a little jealous because
you won't even accept me as a friend,
let alone someone more than that.

You would always say that the world
is kind, is friendly, and is always colourful—
and yet you alone can paint this world
in black and white with nothing but grey.
You alone can corrupt my entire world!

Always smiling happily like an angel,
giving advices you probably won't even heed—
are you for real? You're probably inhumane
if not remorseless—like that of a devil's!
Do you realize how fake you look?

Everyone would seem to like you
because you look so kind with your appearance;
but you are so cruel inside—
you destroy me into little fragments of life
each passing day as I continue to see you.

So perfect—like that of a statue of an angel;
and yet deep inside lies the core of evil—
just wanted to be your friend,
and demolishing my hope you just
said that you were not my friend.