As the tide pulls me in deeper,
I wonder where it is the stars have gone.
Dark skies for an even darker winter;
Summer's sparks have failed to ignite.
Cold and unforgiving, the sea has become
my only-lasting friend. She's the only one
who understands that death is the ultimate vice,
and I just can't seem to give it up.
I'm being dragged deeper, faster,
against a current I shan't be trying to fight;
forget the light; fuck the flight; my wrists
and ankles have been chained, alright?
You'd think I'd at least attempt to struggle,
to make myself worth this mortal name.
But Darling, I was never meant for hell or heaven,
there is no reason for me to feel ashamed.
Under God we fall, Under the Devil we sleep;
it does not matter what time we keep--
my fate is yours, though this you'll deny.
A vacuous existence, I forfeited all make-believe
the moment I realized that there never were
any stars in the goddamn sky, that every breath
I take is just another lie, another useless delay
without a reason why. So now as the tides
make their final sweep, I'll forget all the weight
that had once laid upon my feet; I'll let the waters
bury every moment of life I thought I once had;
eyes frozen open, mouth forced shut; and
at long last I will lay in peace knowing that I am