"You know what the schools rules are on hair dyeing ." Says a very dull woman sat in a very dull chair. She has a about a thousand lines on her face. Her skin is deathly pale. She has black/grey

hair and is totally boring.

"Yeah... but you have to admit it looks cool!"Says a much more bright chirpy teenager.

"You might think that dyeing your hair electric pink looks, (she takes a deep sigh) cool, however this school has a reputation to up keep!"The plain dull woman replies.

Huh I wish I were in a Fanta advert now ,the ones where every thing turns bright and happy, the teenager thought...

The teacher natters on about keeping up apperences and how it will look...

The teenager day dreams away until she hears one word 'Excluded'.

Yes no school for two weeks !

The teenager tried too look upset and shocked but some how a smile crept in.

"Of course I will have to ring your parents."the dull lady said...

Lauren was the teenagers name . However this teenager was not what you called your usual teenager. She had lived many lives before hand . She lived with some one just like her . He was called Alex he was about the same age as her .

The two of them were something special . They had lived on this earth since 1798 and had gone through many adventures together . However They didn't just keep on living. Every now and then they had too die.

1816 France

Lauren is sat on a beautiful chaise lounge. She has black hair which is parted down the middle and then tied up in a bun.

It was November 16 Saturday . Alex was sat beside her wearing a black coat which had two long tails leading of it at the back. A knife was placed in front of them.

"It will just be one small cut and then its over" Alex said

"Do we have too?"asked Lauren

"Yes. We have too that's what the woman told us... Look she said we'd be scared it's our first death , but we have too stay together. If we don't then it's all over."

He picks up the knife.

"I'll go first"... he said .

He closed his eyes held out his wrist. He dug the knife into his vein , blood started to pour out. He gritted his teeth in pain but didn't scream.

Lauren picked up the knife. In stead of closing her eyes she watched, She watched her short little life of a French girl fade away with a single cut.

They both waited there. On the chaise lounge until they fell asleep.

They woke up under a apple tree. All that surrounded them was beauty and life. It was hot weather . And the two of them ran through the corn fields until. They woke up in a totally different place...