I looked round . I wasn't in New York any more . Where the hell was I ? All I could see was sand lots of sand. Then I remembered this was where I saw my first demon. I then looked up and there they were flying in the shadows. Why had they brought me here though? I knew it was Alex ! Jason had told me they would use Alex as bait. I looked back at the sand and I started to realise it was dust !Dust of all the buildings, plants and life that had once lived. And then the demons in the shadows seemed to part. There was a line drawn in the sand . On my side there was only me but I had the sun and instead of dust I had fresh , green grass. On their side there was darkness , sand ,and the sent of death hung in the air . Alex was on the demons side . One of the demons brought him down from the shadows this demon must have been very important because the others all cheered at it and followed it down to the ground, Alex looked badly beaten and almost life less . There was lots of noise of the demons chanting and screaming. Then the important one screamed at them

"silence" He hissed the i , c and e but the rest of his voice sounded deep and stern. The demons calmed down and the important one headed for Alex. I could see him whimpering as the thing came closer but Alex couldn't move he was chained to a chair. I wanted to step across the line and save him . I wanted to kiss him again and gently wipe his tears away but I couldn't !

The demon opened his mouth wide and screamed

"Lauren , Lauren please help me!"Alex called out he could see me...I felt so useless and alone . I hated seeing him in such pain he was always the strong one.

Then it happened the demon opened his mouth wide and grabbed on to Alex . I watched shocked and motionless as Alex was sucked and turned into nothing but a pile of dust. Nothing has ever made me feel like I did then . I went mad I ran past the line into the dust crying . I staked all of the demons I could see and I screamed at them . The scream knocked them back and made them fall to the ground. So I screamed again and again! I felt my tears drop to the sand but they fell from the sky as well like giant rain drops . They dropped on the demons and killed them . I felt the anger rush up in side me like a blazing fire and then the sand started to burn! I then felt loneliness and that seemed to separate the remaining fighting demons from me. Then there was one left... But before I could do any thing it turned the shadows into a boiling red sky that made unbearable heat . The sand turned hot as well and it seemed to burn my ankles as I sunk into it.


"You killed Alex ! And your still paying!" I replied. I was still hurting it was like some one had torn a chunk off my heart out. Then a hole in the sand formed it was filled with black boiling liquid and a hand red appeared from it

"THE SAHARA WILL GET YOU!"The demon screamed as the hand dragged him down into the dust of the dead...

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