Looks like my little game has took a turn for the worst.

Hold your head up, she's waiting.

Lust, the seductive look on her face.

Lick your lips, taste her vile saliva.

Enter her filthy, buxom body.

Feel the toxin enter your body.

You tasted, you have seen, even heard.

The warnings only fueled your raunchy desire.

The choir of your sin is repeating their verse of death.

The black ring around your neck, just waiting to get a taste of Death's scythe.

And so, it begins.

Your plead for mercy was irresistible.

She feeds off of your torment.

The conception of her baby you gave her only made her leech more life from you.

Bone dry, you raise your eyes to God.

Would he save you?

A wyrm of dirt?

Your withering away, the Lord called to you.

But...you ignored him. You knew better.

Death is behind you, smiling now.

He cleaves your head, leaving a bloody mess...