Part 6: Conclusion

Every person there could see the disbelief in each others eyes

But out of all the people there, none was more surprised

than the man who stood on that weathered wood with a pistol in his hand

The man responsible for ridding Reedly of the land

He didn't smile, just stood and stared at the damage and the cost

of the cycle of this misery bred hatred for the lost

He'd done what he'd set out to do, and he couldn't say much more

Just six bullets shot in haste, and one near settled score

Eventually, his thoughts did tire, and he turned around

He said "I think I'm done play'n with guns," so he set his down

Then he turned with spurs a rattl'n out the doorway he'd come in


And it had never been so quiet at the old Gungravel Inn.

A/N:So ends Gungravel! My first epic narrative poem! It makes me very happy that I actually finished it, that said, feel free to tear away at anything about it that bothers you or doesn't seem quite right. I like criticism, and I also like any other kind of comments.