Something's following me. Chasing me. Stalking me.

I'm surrounded by darkness, and there's no light at the end of

This tunnel.

My stalker chases me around every bend. It never gets lost.

It's like a shadow. It's always finds its way.

It's pitch black. It's not living. It's immaterial. I can't get

Rid of it. No matter how hard I try. So I run.

I run as fast and as hard as I can. But it's not good


It follows me. It keeps up. I feel it there. Toying me, teasing me.

"You're not good enough." It says. "You can't make it. Turn around, and

I'll end this for you. Once and for all.'

But I don't turn. I can't turn. The end can't be now.

I keep running. It starts to affect me. My legs are worn

Out, I can barley breath. The thing behind me pulls harder.

It weakens me. Drains me. I can barely keep going.

My heart starts beating even more madly. Yelling at me to stop running.

But I can't.

The darkness seems to deepen. It's all I see. My hands are

Gone. The thing behind me laughs at my weakness.

I don't even know what it is. And suddenly I have to know.

I can't go any further. It's going to kill me. I want to

Know what it is. Nothing else matters. I'm dead.

So I turn. And suddenly there are the faces of all I have

Ever lived for. And I think I will lose them. And I run again.

I can see the light now. In front of me. Calling. My hands

Are back too.

I keep going as fast as I can. My stalker disappears. I see

The light, shinning. Somehow, I move faster. The faces flash

Again. I reach the light…

And find a blank stone wall. A Dead End. No where left

To go. No more hope. My stalker is back again. Might as well

Let him catch me. I'm dead.