Author's note: when I wrote these two poems I was having a particularly bad day and decided to vent my pain through poetry. When I wrote these two, as well as dead end I paid particular attention to where the lines were ending. I also did my best to keep them in equal columns. Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate that on a word processer very well keeping the endings in correct places. So try to imagine them like that when you read them. Also, you should know that both these poems come from real experience, unlike most of my other poems. They are two of my personal favorites. Very close to my heart. That's why I'm grouping them together. That, and originally they were smushed together on the same page. And with that, I present Ice and Crash. Do enjoy. –ducky.


Frozen. Solid. Ice.

So cold. No warmth.

Ice kills. And there's no

Stopping it. It's poison touch

Will stop a heart in a second.

He's like ice. Pale, cold,

Beautiful. There is no doubt

He is just as evil as

The ice is. Yet so amazing.

Perfect to the last touch.

No flaws. No mistakes. If

They weren't so cold, I would

Love them. Beautiful as a

Blooming flower. There is only

One difference between him and

Ice. Ice can melt. It

Can turn into water and help

Things move on. It's balanced.

It will starve things and then

Bring them back to life.

He can't do that. He won't

Melt. He can't, won't, and

Will never show a trace of love.

Not even for those like me.

Willing to love him.



Blood runs down my mud covered legs, from my

Nose, turning them into paint splattered

Works of art. Brown and red. My head

Screams with pain and I can barely

Move my legs. I can feel mud on

My head, where I hit it. My nose bleeds

On at a mad pace. I pick myself up,

Painfully, and start dragging my scooter towards

My house. I'm alone and covered in my

Own blood. I bring my working arm

Up to my nose trying to stop the

Blood. It stains my hands red. My

Own blood. I wipe my nose again.

My right leg can barley bend. I'm

Moving slowly through the gray ally. Rain

Drips from a gutter down to a trash

Can lid. I worry. My mother, my brother,

They will be scared. Scared as hell.

I look back at my legs. Blood is

Dripping from them again. The bumps

In the back ally trip my scooter,

Tilting until it crashes into the back of

My leg. I wince in pain. My bare feet

Touch the glass at the bottom of a

Muddy puddle. Two cuts form on my left

Foot. Pain. I can see my back

Gate. And hear a car behind me. I

Open the gate, drop my scooter, and

Limp to the front door. I see my

Reflection in the glass of the

Storm door full on. Blood from my

Nose is everywhere. My shirt and

Shorts are covered in mud. My face

Is bloody, muddy, and teary. And

I can't smile. No matter how hard

I try.