Author's Note: I was inspired by the anime Code Geass and by Tegh's story, American Bleach. Check it out; it's a really good read.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Seven years earlier: France

It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining, and there were very few clouds in the sky. Two girls, both around ten years old or so, ran around playing. One of the girls climbed up a hill, wrinkling her blue jumper and getting some grass stains on it. She had straight, long blond hair worn in braids, and blue eyes. Her name was Zoé Babineaux. The other girl, who was running after Zoé, had shoulder-length auburn hair and green eyes. She was trying to climb up but was having a hard time, getting grass stains on the knees of her denim overalls. The girl's name was Hanna Derrick.

"Zoé, I can't get up…woah!" Hanna exclaimed. Her eyes glinted with determination as she clawed at the grass.

"Oh, sorry, Hanna," Zoé replied sheepishly. She turned back and reached out to her friend. "Let me help you."

"I can get up myself," Hanna said stubbornly.

Zoé snickered at Hanna's pathetic attempts at trying to climb. "Riiight. Just let me help you up, and stop being so stubborn, Princess."

"Don't call me that!" Hanna said and stuck her tongue out at Zoé.

"Right," said Zoé. She grabbed Hanna's hand and pulled the girl up. "Oh man, your clothes are all dirty now." She shook her head, eyes closed, and sighed. "What are we going to do with you?"

"Pfft," said Hanna. "You should talk; look at your jumper."

Zoé's eyes opened wide, and she looked in surprise at the front of her jumper and saw the grass stain. "That's just great. I just got this yesterday. Merde!"

August tenth, 1999

The Great Alemanian Empire had just declared war on France. The European nation had held fast to its neutrality, but was overtaken by the conquest of Alemania, which now stood as the world's only superpower.

France was stripped of its rights, culture, and, eventually, its name. It was now dubbed "Area 14". A mere number. That's all France was after the war: Just a number.

Zoé and Hanna looked around at the desolate wasteland that used to be a beautiful and picturesque French town. People were crying; some were already dead. There were small fires here and there, and almost all the buildings and houses were destroyed.

Zoé was sitting on the ground, hugging her knees. She had a sad look in her eyes as she took in the devastation of her home.

Hanna, on the other hand, clenched her fists, her auburn bangs shading her eyes. When she looked up, her green eyes burned with anger at what happened. "I swear, Zoé, on my grandmother's grave…"

Zoé looked up, surprised at the rage in her friend's voice.

"…I will destroy Alemania!" Hanna finished. "I swear it!"

Author's Note: Merde!- Shit! (French)

P.S.: I only chose Alemania as the name for Hanna's birthplace because I couldn't think of anything else…plus, it sounds kind of regal and powerful, like Britannia.