When all that matters shatters

And all that remains is pain

When all that's close to my heart

Is torn apart and crushed

It may not mean any thing to you

But understand I need something true

Where is the end of eternal questions

Where is the edge of this foreign emotion

When can I mend my darkest devotions

Where can I find the answers to life

Where can I go where I'll never die

Everything I'd ever known

Was everything that had to go

Everywhere where dreams ran wild

Were the first places to be exiled

When I look back

There's no going

When there's black

I see no white

Don't think I can hold on

I'm losing control

Don't think I can go on

I'm killing my fate

In the middle of the night

Where can I find the light

In the depths of darkness

Why am I so heartless

I've been sitting here wasting years in my life

Your time's over and now this is mine

You had your chance

But this'll be our last dance

I can remember when you cared

Seized the day 'cause it was there

And when you try, you'll never be

The silence echoes throughout the empty void

Filled with so much hatred

Because you know that's all I'm made of

And all I wanted was filled with tears

And all I had was chased by fears

So when you're searching for forgiveness

You will be looking right here

Hope you can see

What you made me be

Doing the things I know are right

Because every mistake makes me feel alive

With every breath I take

I make it through the fight

My story has yet to be told

My future has yet to be wrote

A/N- mash up of incomplete songs... songwriters block sucks... but I'm working on finishing some of these...