You were there on the second floor
on the first day of the week,
talking to some other girl
you seemed to like more than me.

I'm not blind—I can tell.
You were smiling so happily; laughing.
That face which was so cold to me
was actually so warm at her.

You were so happy—
I've never seen you that happy
when you are with me instead.
Why are you so happy with her?

To see you so pleased with somebody else,
to see that you no longer love me—
and that somebody else has replaced…
me, the one who has always been there for you.

I have been there for you.
I helped you; tried to make you happy—
but just some other girl can come in
and make you so extremely happy?

I looked up at that floor.
Looked back down on the ground.
Wished it was all a dream—
wished you were still with me.

But it was all a reality.
You love her now, not me.
She could just replace me easily…
It kills me to just watch.

I ran away with tears
dripping down my cheeks.
Painful heart was screaming out—
"Why must you be so heartless?"

And yet that image of you and her
can never be erased no matter how hard I try.
Forget you, I tried! To forget love, I've failed!
So irreplaceable—unforgettable.

This heart-wrenching feeling in the chest,
I wanted to scream out,
but no voice came out—
I cried, cried, and cried.

To replace all pain and sorrow with mere tears.