Of course I wanted the one
I love to be forever happy.
But I hate you for being happy—
if it's being happy with her.

I wanted you to smile more,
your smile is indescribably beautiful,
but I didn't want you to smile—
if it's smiling at her.

I understand clearly that these actions
are based on jealously and anger.
But I can't help but be so selfish
if it's for the one I proclaim to love.

Love—if I really did love you,
I would have allowed you to be
happy with anyone else.
Yet I'm too selfish to.

I want you to be happy!
But not with somebody else.
I know this is too selfish of me,
but jealousy overwhelms.

It hurts me like a stabbing knife,
when you smile at some other girl.
Or when you're happy talking to
somebody else than me.

If only you'd understand my love,
my selfishness and possessiveness—
maybe you would hide far away.
So please, please don't understand.

I am selfish for you, love.
Just wanted you to be happy with me,
and not just some other person.
Because it's not at all the same.

I sit down and pray for the day
in which you would just once,
be extremely happy with me and
talk to me normally, that's all.