She broke her kiss with him, because her common sense had finally caught up with her libido. He just looked at her, his shirt rumpled, his tie askew.

"What's going on here," he asked, "Why did you stop?"

Kayla just looked at him, her lips swollen from his kissing a moment ago and her blouse half unbuttoned.

"We're in the conference room."

His eyes blinked.

"Yeah I know…I had it renovated with the rest of the suite when I bought the building."

She rolled her eyes at Mitch and pulled away from him, straightening her blouse because unbuttoning it proved to be impossible when she discovered a couple of them missing.

"I think I saw one roll under the table," he said, trying to be helpful.

"Mitch what are we doing here?"

He just looked at her blankly.

"I thought it was obvious."

She put a hand on a hip and just shook her head at him.

"I'm not going down this well traveled road of yours."

His mouth quirked into a knowing smile, taking in the view in front of him. They had known each other way back when they had been in the same grade school but then she had moved away until their paths had crossed in college. They had fallen back into their friendship easily enough and soon after that, a successful business relationship. Some rivalries here and there when they'd been on opposite sides…but right now, they were on the conference room table.

They hadn't come into the office intending to do the horizontal mambo for sure. When she had crossed the threshold, nothing like that had even been in her mind. She had a couple calls to return and she even had a date with Clyde down in accounting. They had plans to go to the Philharmonic or something like that…something to do with listening to music.

First she just had to get some last minute things done in the office but then Mitch had gone back with her to knock a few things off of his list of things to do as well. Then when they had passed the wet bar, he had asked her if she wanted a drink. Nothing that hadn't happened dozens of times before when they had finished up a deal…business as usual or so she thought.

But then came a few shots of tequila to celebrate the completion of a business deal and one thing had led to another and next thing she knew they had been kissing, with his hands fondling her breasts beneath her blouse. It had felt wonderful, and she had arched her head back in delight until she realized they had crossed a dangerous line.

Not before he told her what beautiful breasts she had, creamy white in contrast to the tanned skin surrounding them and the rosy pink tips that had hardened beneath his fingers…she knew he had planned on tasting them. He had reached for the tequila to dab it on her breasts so he could suck it off of her and she had felt some dampness in between her legs at the thought.

But then reality hit.

"I can't…"

He looked up at her.

"But god, I've wanted to taste them and you for so long," he said, readjusting her blouse for her, returning into the shoes of the man she had known for much longer than she had seen this side of him.

She stroked his jaw line with one fingertip, strongly built like the rest of him. His skin felt stubbly there because he hadn't shaved this morning.

"We can't…we can't cross that line or we'll never find our way back."

He grabbed that hand and damn if he didn't move his lips over it, including his tongue. Her insides wanted to melt and her legs, buckle but she had to be strong. She had to be firm with him. Everything depended on it.

"It won't matter Kayla," he said, backing her into the table until she sat on it, then he moved his hands up her thighs, bunching up her skirt. Damn he had always loved her legs, supple and strong and he knew he'd love them gripping his waist while he rocked against her.

She put her hands against his chest.

"I can't…it's wrong…"

He grabbed her hands and held them together while looking into her eyes.

"It's never felt so right," he said, "We've known each other forever. There's no reason why we can't mix things up."

She sighed, realizing that it really was just a dalliance to him. He nudged her thighs open with his body, and ran his hands over both inner thighs, stroking them, very persuasively. Her panties dampened in response to his ministrations. Damn he could be quite persuasive. Her body already had been sold but her mind, damn not to mention something called her heart, where deep down inside it she harbored feelings for Mitch that she couldn't even tap into most times.

Except when she lay quietly alone in her bed at night and her mind wandered to where it had been forbidden to go during daylight hours.

Mitch must have caught a glimpse of that desire etched on her face just now, when he had her where he wanted her on the damn conference table. Because his hands remained around her own, keeping her captive some might call it. But his eyes looked directly into hers without blinking, and she felt herself unable to move away.

Oh he definitely had that effect on her and he knew it. She just wished she weren't so transparent in how he got under her skin as deftly as he'd gotten his hands underneath her skirt.

"Oh there's every reason Mitch," she said, "It'll mess everything up we've got going…our working relationship…the fact that right now we're on opposite sides of the Myers deal."

He sighed, releasing her hands.

"That's tomorrow…this is today," he said, "and when this deal's done we'll be back working together again."

She smiled looking forward to that but until then she really had to get off the conference table and they needed to get to their opposite corners.

If only to cool themselves off before they did something totally reckless, that couldn't be taken back again. Kayla envied Mitch's ability like most men to compartmentalize different sections of his life so they didn't overlap in any messy ways. On the other hand, her entire life was a haphazard pile of overlapping the parts of it she'd tried to keep separate from one another.

His hands moved towards her blouse and began to fidget with the damn buttons, but she noticed his hands shook a little as he tried to undo them one at a time.

Hah! The Casanova of Century City was having some trouble navigating himself through a passionate interlude. She bit back her smile but she didn't stop him when she really should before this went any further.

"What are you doing," she said, asking the obvious.

He smiled because it was obvious, and she felt the top buttons coming undone, and in a minute he was going to know her favorite color.

"Come on, both of us need to unwind after today and there's no better way to do it."

Oh, that pissed her off, she had forgotten what a shameless player Mitch had always been only it had been okay because he'd done that with other women and not her. If they had never hit the sheets or the conference table together, that was because he respected her. Because platonic friendships were all about respect and a bond deeper than just sexual attraction…oh god, his fingers felt damn good. Smooth with some calluses from summers spent working in construction when he'd been younger. Her skin tingled when his fingers casually brushed against it while working on her blouse.

She put her hands up on his chest.

"Stop," she said, "and I mean it Mitch."

He did, he knew what the word, 'no' meant after all but it didn't mean the urge to discover what she kept hidden under her clothes hadn't gone away. Hardly, he still kept much of his weight on the balls of his feet,

"Okay, what's wrong?"

She just sighed heavily.

"This…like I said, okay we do it on the conference table and assuming no one walking by gets an eyeful…"

He had an answer for that but then he usually did for everything.

"We're alone in the suite," he said, "Everyone else has left for the day and they're out having fun which we could be having."

Damn him, those words came quickly enough.

"I don't think we should be doing this," she said, "I'm not one of your conquests Mitch. I don't want to be added to that very long list."

His brow arched.

"It's not that long…it's long but never enough so that you would be just another woman to me."

She just looked at him, reproachfully.

"Okay then what am I after we…have sex?"

He paused for a while and she really thought she had him there. Oh man, did she have him right there because if he slid in between her legs on that table, afterward…their friendship would be dust because he'd never respect her again.

But he looked at her in a way almost tender and a hand reached out to coax a strand of hair out of her face.

"You'll be my lover," he said simply, "Afterward and beyond that. Come on, you want me too. Admit it…it could be the best experience of your life."

She snorted.

"Don't flatter yourself Mitch," she said, "My list might not be as long as yours but I've had my share of men."

"Not like me…"

Goodness, he was trotting out that come on line that she'd heard enough times before? She thought about raking him a bit about it but she just chuckled instead.

"You are really something do you know that?"

He looked a bit uneasy at that, maybe it had been the airy tone of her voice rather than any words.

"So are you..."

Her words in response were cut off by something more powerful, his mouth which he brushed over her lips, much more gently than earlier. It almost felt like the flutter of something soft, if insistent, and just the faintest trace of his tongue, coaxing its way inside of her mouth. She closed her eyes because who wouldn't be drawn into a silky smooth as honey kind of kiss like this man brought. But if she waited…it would become more potent, more pressing and then she'd lose control…


Since his lips still covered hers, only a murmur emerged and he took that as encouragement, prompting to deepen his assault on her mouth, because she really meant to stop him, really she did but oh….where did that slow burning sensation come from, the one that radiated from her lips to…other places.

He broke his kiss and focused on other areas of her face, around her mouth and her jaw line. Each one felt different against her flushed skin. Alternating tender, with tawdry the man had great skills. She had seen them from a distance always on another woman, not her and had wondered what it'd be like…

Well no more but shouldn't she be pulling away from him, telling him how wrong it was like she had just been doing…maybe when she got her breath back and her heart stopped thudding inside her head.

This time when he started in on her blouse buttons again, she didn't say anything, as one by one she felt the stillness of the air find enough energy to caress her exposed skin. His eyes widened when he saw what lay underneath.

"Damn my favorite color…"

Hers too….only she suspected he favored a deeper, darker shade of blue than the lighter, powdery hue that she had seen on the lingerie rack at her favorite boutique. She had purMitchd the bra and panty set, never thinking that anyone but her would ever see it. After all, it was perfect to wear beneath business attire not at night in a lover's bed.

Her little secret that while she might appear tough as nails on the surface, aggressive and rational, all the so-called masculine qualities that the men around her claimed as their own. But if so, she was better at being a man than most men…still she harbored a secret beneath her clothes, that despite the harshness of her edges, she was as feminine as they came.

From his expression, she took it that Mitch liked her taste in lingerie.

That surprised her a little because she figured he'd go for brighter, brassier colors that screamed sex, the rawness of passion exploding between a man and woman outside the business world that often fed that wanting. After all, boardroom deals had sometimes become bedroom deals and the two worlds overlapped. Business deals had been finalized between 700 thread sheets and bedroom encounters had of course taken place on conference room tables.

Her skin flushed further at that thought…when Mitch had gotten the buttons out of the way to slide his hands inside her blouse where he met smooth, supple skin and tantalizing silk and lace.

"So soft, who would have known?"

She put her hands on his shoulders not pushing him away.

"You don't know everything about me Mitch," she said, "You think you do but the last man I slept with knows more about certain parts of me than you do."

Oh, he didn't seem to like that if his soft growl were any indication. She had to smile at that, while he ran his hands over her skin and up to her shoulders where he slipped the blouse off of her and it fell on the table, unheard.

Her arms were toned, from running and lifting weights because she loved developing some of her hard edges to accentuate her softness. Her breasts filled out the cups of her bra and threatened to spill over them. His hands moved towards the clasp in front and he unsnapped it and twin mounds of creamy flesh now stood proudly in front of him, their rosy tips pointing slightly outward.

She saw his mouth water and smiled, because she had always thought that nature had been generous with what it gave her. When she had been a teenager and they seemed to have blown up overnight, she had a couple awkward years when she thought they attracted too much attention. But she loved her girls as they were called and loved matching them with different styles of bras and camisoles.

And she loved it when a man worshipped them, realizing that they were attached to a living and very sexy woman, who could be made to climax with just the right attention. Mitch stared at them for a moment, he was a man after all and then he gently cupped them in his hands and his mouth moved towards her lips again and he kissed her while gently squeezing her breasts. Not too hard but…just right…she felt the shards of delight travel from her breasts to that juncture between her legs still cloaked in some wisps of silky lace.

That had suddenly gotten very damp.

He continued to kiss her and somehow she managed to keep breathing but when he rubbed her breasts with his fingers while grasping them, it made her want to throw her head back. Only her lips couldn't seem to separate from his and the light stubble of his jaw line tickled her.

"Oh god…"

Somehow that managed to slip out and wasn't it the truth, she thought because she felt so damn good right now.

Then his mouth left hers and she swallowed quickly, knowing where his lips would wind up next and then…

She gasped, as she felt the tickling sensation of his tongue on one of her nipples, playing with it, circling it as it peaked and ripened. She felt herself spinning because how did he know how much she liked that? Oh wait; didn't most women love breast play from their men?

Stop asking questions, she chastised herself and just enjoy the moment. And when he gently and slowly sucked one of her nipples inside his mouth and the moist heat that awaited there, surrounding it…she nearly jumped off the table but he'd moved his hands to hold her still for him.

He changed breasts but not his ministrations, tonguing her until she couldn't stand it, then making love with it. Damn, she could only imagine what that mouth that elicited such wicked thoughts would feel stroking her pussy.

Kayla loved oral more than most things. She loved when a man went down on her but it didn't seem that happened often as most men in the business world by nature were goal oriented in a sense that usually benefitted them. To be successful in business, you had to be single minded and often selfish and many of the men she had bedded had shown those same qualities in the sack. The worst of the lot also held onto the ridiculous double standard that what was good for the gander, wasn't necessary for the goose. Meaning that while they wanted her to suck them off, they came up with excuses not to reciprocate…leaving her frustrated.

But Mitch left her breasts and looked at her now, directly in her eyes and she felt a wave of headiness strike her, leaving her both apprehensive and excited. Anticipation had always been a compromise between elation and fear, and when his hands moved back to her skirt, she felt it again.

The uncertainty of what he'd do mixed with fervently hoping that he'd do it. His hands hugged her skirt and as he rode it up her thighs, she bit her lip as a new wave of pleasure shook through her. She fidgeted a bit on the table to help him move her skirt towards her crotch.

When not too long ago she had her hands against his chest…

"I wonder how the rest of you tastes," he whispered, riding that skirt up her thighs which he stroked more in passing, and her pussy tingled. Finally it bunched around her waist, leaving her sheathed by her lacy panties, the same soft blue as her bra.

Oh god, he was really going to do it, she told herself as he hooked his fingers on the band of her panties and started tugging them down. She had to help him a bit by lifting her pelvis up, as he slid them downward over her thighs, past her knees…until her pussy nestled in soft downy curls faced him.

He just smiled and placing his hands on her slim waist, he started kissing her, mouthing her really, just above her pubic hair line and then…she arched her back as she felt the warmth moisture of him there, the softness of his breath against her pubis. What kind of lover he would be, she thought with the few seconds of anticipation that awaited until…

"Oh god, I can't believe I'm letting you do this," she gasped.

Because the door still remained open and anyone walking by, would know damn well what they were doing in the room. But Mitch didn't care a whit, as his mouth began gently kissing her pussy lips, sending sensations of warmth up through her body, circling her with that devastating tongue.

She gripped the table or tried to but her fingers cramped. He continued with his kissing, a trail of dampness intermingling with her own slickness.


That was when he had circled her clitoris with his tongue and she burned for him to take that part of her in his mouth but he danced around it, licking up her moistness, then gently…so much she barely felt it at first, he drew her clitoris inside of him and she screamed.

Damn, she thought briefly, she had just given any one in the vicinity an earful. He must have read her mind because he stopped, leaving her hanging off the edge of some cliff about to slide into an abyss, looking at her.

"I take it that means you like what I'm doing?"

She nodded wordlessly, and then her eyes beseeched him not to stop. He chuckled, and returned to where he had been tormenting her between her thighs. His mouth tantalized, nursing her clitoris to unbearable tightness, his tongue teasing her further by darting in between her lips, causing her to grip the table harder. She threw her head back and murmured, soft and broken.

He coaxed and he cajoled, he pushed and then he receded allowing her to relax just a second before…she didn't know how much more she could take but if he stopped, she'd be lost.

Finally, he swiped her clitoris before thrusting his tongue inside of her, and she nearly jumped, as the tension that had coiled so tightly inside of her as she neared the peak of her endurance, exploded and damn, she nearly fell off the table but he held onto her as he pushed her off the edge of that cliff…and her pussy convulsed sending pulsations of pleasurable pain throughout her as if she were the shore side of an ocean which had sent waves cascading over her.

She grew limp as he still held onto her, her orgasm leaving her relaxed, too much so and very vulnerable. Looking up at him through her sated eyes, she saw hunger inside his own and now she knew it would be time to pay the piper.

For her pleasure hadn't been free, she knew.

"I need you…right here and now…"

His voice sounded ragged, much different than the confident businessman she had known. So she found her hands reaching towards his shirt, working their way down the buttons until she could feel the heat of his skin pushing his shirt over his broad shoulders.

She loved his body, the way his clothing molded to it, whether three piece business suits or casual attire. He trained hard when he could find time in his action packed schedule, and she looked at the result, muscles that twitched beneath her fingers and soft whorls of dark hair. She tugged gently at some strands of it and he hissed. Then she pulled him closer to her so she could maneuver he mouth across that chest, nursing his coppery nipples, slightly darker than his tanned skin. His abs were damn perfect and the hair narrowed as it moved downward past the waistband of his pants.

He hitched his breath and pulled her up suddenly so he could capture her lips fervently in his own and she felt his need clearly in its potent urgency. He wanted her here and now just as he said and she decided she didn't want to fight it or him.

Live for the moment, she told herself, focus on today and not tomorrow. If she regretted her actions or beat herself up over them, that could wait because right now…all she wanted was in front of her.

They kissed as she reached for his waist band to undo his pants and slide them over that nice ass of his and past his muscular thighs leaving him in his briefs and what they sheathed, oh my…quite a bulge…enough to make her own mouth water. She wanted to feel its hardness like steel yet soft like crushed satin, beneath her fingers and how it would come to live in her hands. She wanted to run her own tongue across its tip and down the shaft before sliding her lips over it. Just as he clearly knew his way between a woman's thighs, she knew male anatomy and what made them feel good.

And she knew she could make him feel damn good.

But he started to push her against the table which shook a bit and she just looked at him.

"I got to have you…."

Okay, she could live with that because she wanted it too. She wanted him to push her against the table, spread her legs and thrust inside of her pussy. Her hands moved towards his briefs and she briefly stroked the front of them, and felt movement underneath from his erection.

He gasped too and that made her feel good. He might be taking her for a ride but so would she with him.

She pulled his briefs down and ran her palms over his hard ass while she did so and then she touched him, and held him. His face grew tight as she ran her hands over his erection, looking straight at him. But he pushed her against the table, swiftly enough and it rattled, god would it even hold them?

After all, neither of them had taken it on a test drive. At least she hadn't but had he, she didn't think she really wanted to know.

He separated her thighs to push himself in between them and then she leaned up.

"Hey, you got anything?"

He sighed.

"Oh god, my wallet's in the other room," he said, "and I'm not sure I've got any left."

He looked so crestfallen then, she had to struggle to keep from laughing, but she smiled up at him instead.

"Hey, my purse…I always am prepared," she said, "Because you never know when an opportunity will come up."

He smiled back and left her and she watched him, his body marvelous in its nudity as he grabbed her purse and no doubt rummaged through items which defined her life before…

He showed it to her and returned to the conference table and the woman waiting. He sheathed himself up nicely and she pulled him down on top of her, her thighs gripping him. He prodded her pussy with his penis and it welcomed him, as with one flex of his hips, he thrust inside of her, causing her to gasp at the way he stretched her pussy.

"You okay?"

Her eyes widened.

"Oh yeah…don't stop…god don't you dare.."

He didn't and bucked his hips while she grabbed his ass pulling him ever closer. When he withdrew that wonderful cock of his, she nearly wept and then with each thrust, deeper and harder, the stinging of his penetration being quickly replaced with stabs of pleasure. The friction…oh god, she opened her legs up as widely as she could and he leaned against her, the table wobbling but neither cared.

Having sex on a conference table hurt…her back and when her head cracked against it as he shifted his angle slightly and thrust really deep…almost to where she could feel him…oh god, again and again…the tides returning to crash against her. The slap of his body against hers, the rocking of the table and her own cries, urging him along…

"Harder, god I need you…now…."

He rocked against her, his erection milking every sensation out of her that left her wanting even more…the deeper he went the more she felt his closeness…their sweat intermingled and she gripped his ass even harder…the closer she neared…

She screamed in that moment when that thrust sparked her body to clamp around him and shudder from its own release…she felt him thrust and when he arched his own back, she moved her own hips to tease him further, coaxing and then pushing until she felt him climax inside of her.

He collapsed against her, still inside of her and leaving her, breathing as hard as him, their hearts racing in tandem where their chests met…her legs still tangled in his own.

"That…was amazing…"

She had to agree but she still hadn't found her words. They lay together, still recovering, their bodies a bit sore from the hardness of the surface beneath them…but they didn't feel that yet.

What they had done hadn't hit her emotionally yet and she pushed all thoughts of repercussions and reproach away, as she kissed him softly on the mouth while he started to withdraw.

"Got to take care of it…"

She looked up at him.

"But you're not leaving…"

He shook his head.

"No…not after what just happened," he said, "In fact…"

She braced herself to listen to what he was going to say, her muscles tensing, wondering if he were as sure as she felt that she wanted to continue this elsewhere.


He sighed.

"I was just thinking we could take this elsewhere…"

Oh god yes, she thought…definitely elsewhere. So she got up off the table just after he did and he went to the adjoining bathroom to dispose of the condom. She went to gather her clothes to put them back on while figuring out where they could go…then suddenly she heard the buzzer.

Oh god, someone had just decided to drop on by. No wait that was her phone which had been on vibration. She picked it up after flirting with whether to just let voice mail pick it up for her review later.

Much later.

But she saw the name that came up and sighed, knowing she had to take it. The voice that greeted her was hasty, and upset.

"What's up," she asked.

Mitch came back into the room, just looking at her, still gloriously naked. Oh her body jumped at the sight.

"You got to get your ass over here quickly," the voice said, "the Myers merger is in trouble and that no good Mitch is to blame."

She felt her heart sink as she looked at the man who she had just shared a conference table with and thought…how I could be so stupid…

Mitch looked at her totally confused, wondering what it was that he had done wrong. And like that, pleasure had reverted back to business and they both slipped back into their familiar roles.

Because the world of high finance waited, and unlike two lovers, it never slept.