Silence like black waters,

floods my mind.

I can't see, I can't think,

I can't speak.

My fears overpower me,

I see faces that have caused nightmares.

I hear them say what I am,

They can't hear me, but I hear them.

Thousands have walked this crooked path,

Only to be destroyed by the never-ending glares,

And broken whispers and jokes of times that have passed

You try to ignore them, but you don't last.

The tears come down,

My face is dark,

I'm ready to give in,

But then I couldn't win.

The path a struggle,

The eyes a test,

The glares penetrating,

They never rest.

Never-ending path the light caressed by dark,

Eyes surround me as I pull forward.

Each step a struggle with winds pushing me back,

The road is long and flooded and full of cracks.

The light feels so close but looks so far,

It helps me fight back the fears and the darkness.

Suddenly the eyes can see me,

I force them to see.

My voice is like a faint whisper,

This is who I am.

Now with power I shout,

This is who I am and I won't change.

The wind stops and the light pushes me forward,

Now I am shouting and repeating

This is who I am and I don't need to change.

The eyes are gone, and I walk into the sunshine ahead.