A/N: Greetings readers. And welcome to my own personal outlet on life in which I will share with you as an ongoing series of shorts/drabbles. None of these stories will exceed 500 words (a great feat for me). And as we all must do with life expect hardships, love, angst, sorrow, happiness, lust, humor, and everything else in between.

Some of these stories will be past events some of them will be very present. This one I am about to present to you is unfortunately very present. Due note that I am inviting you in, whilst at the same time trying to improve my writing, so whether good or bad I'd love a review. So sit back, relax and enjoy.


Deep Breath…Scream


It had been a simple question.

I hadn't heard from her in weeks so I thought I'd send out a text a simple little,

'Hey gurl hows life ben 2 u?=D'

Simple and fun. Something I hoped would get her to smile.

I sit upon my bed, my still glowing cell phone screen the only trace of illumination in my pitch black room. I stare at nothing else but the text she has sent in return to me.

It had taken her a while to send in her reply which wasn't really anything new because she liked to reply in long text messages. But this had not been the case.

I was happy to have been sitting down when I read her text.

I was happy that the world continued to turn and I still continued to breath and my heart continued to pump.

Even if for a second it seemed as though all of it had stopped.

'Not 2 good. Just had my pap done cancer cells in cervix. Gotta go in l8r this wk for tests…'

I stare for a few moments more, my brain slow to work with me.

Cancer cells…?

Was she shitting me?

But she wouldn't.

I already know.

No one would…not like this.

I have no idea what to text in reply…

And I am still in awe with the whole thing and my brain is still working to slow so I reply with the stupidest statement.

The only thing I can think of.


I wait a few minutes for her reply which comes in the form of a phone call.

In low and unsure voices we speak.

It is not a pleasant conversation.