Deep Breath…Scream


I listen on with slight exasperation as you continue your monologue of an apology. Even though I have already told you there is no need to apologize at least two times now. Yet you still carry on feeling, I suppose, that an apology is vital.

Maybe I can understand that a little. The last time we were together you came on so strong and it was completely offensive. However I feel I don't need an apology. Maybe I just don't want one.

A girl like me has no need for apologies or explanations. Girls like me don't require them.

You could say I'm a little jaded.

When you've been hurt, when you've been betrayed, when you've been left behind, when you've been forgotten, when you've been used, when you've been replaced…

After a while it gets old. After a while it all just slides off like water.

Shake it off.

Move on.

No apology needed.

Yet you won't let up and the explanations just keep coming. Why do you feel the need to keep going when I've already told you it's alright? Why won't you let up?

I think about your cell phone and the picture of an ex-girlfriend that is somehow locked on and can't be remove. A constant reminder of a past you won't talk about with me. And your gaze on mine looks almost like a plea for me to hear you out, a plea for me to understand.

And I think I do.

You're jaded too.

I don't care for your apology and your explanation is unnecessary but I love that you're with me for the moment.

Through your apology I smile a little.

Hey, if we're gonna be jaded we might as well be jaded together.