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Chapter 1- trust

(Kira's PoV)

He's the most popular boy in school, almost every girl likes him. They like his soft, silky looking, blue-black hair. They adore his bright yellow eyes, they love how slim and tall he is. They love how good he is at sports. They all love him, and it disgusts me. I don't like how he acts all perfect, or how popular people ignore people like me; regular, ordinary people. At least that's what I use to think.

One day our teacher announced that we would be switching seats. I didn't care, all the popular people would whine and complain until they get to sit next to him.

"Now class I have already decided where everyone will be sitting and no one is changing it." She told us sternly. I was shocked, and the whole class was looking around and talking quietly to each other. She told us all to stand up and walk to the front of the classroom. We did as we were told. She started going through the rows, seating the students. Then she reached the back row the students, I now noticed, were staring at me. I blinked and turned to look who was standing next to me, Tsume, him. The teacher turned toward us,

"Kira, sit next to the window. And Tsume sit next to Kira." I realized she was talking to me, and that I was walking. I had taken my seat. I glanced over and he was sitting there looking at the board. He was scribbling some notes down. I looked away.

Now I could watch him and see if he really is perfect. And I started noticing things: like how he almost never smiled. Or how when he smirked you could see a small pointed tooth.


One night Kira was walking home, she had stayed late at school to make up some homework, and she had to take a shortcut home through the park. She slowed down to a walk to look around. Watching her breath come in the form of tiny billowing clouds. She could almost see the delicate yet deadly icicles hanging from bars on the monkey bars or on the swings sets. Her mind started drifting to a sadder subject- she thought about how close spring was getting. As she thought of her more hated seasons a shadow ran behind her, she whirled around, but she wasn't fast enough, there was nothing there. Then she thought she heard a low growl. She was afraid but curiosity won over her fear. She walked cautiously toward the grove of trees spread around a small clearing. Kira squatted down and peered through some bushes, there was a raven-black wolf crouched over a dead hawk. The hawk was mostly bone now though. The wolf looked finished; it licked his lips cleaning off the blood. Just then Kira's hand slipped and broke a twig, the wolf heard it, he turned swiftly toward the bushes and growled low in his throat. Kira's eyes grew wide and scared. She stood up and started to run, but the wolf was ready, he ran and jumped high over her head and landed, half skidding around to face her. He turned into a boy, Tsume. He leapt again, and with his elbow, pushed her to the ground, pinning her there. She struggled at first but finally he got tired of it, he rammed his other, free hand into the ground beside her head. She flinched away and closed her eyes.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. Promise me you'll never tell anyone and I'll spare your life." His voice had a surprisingly calming effect on her, she nodded slowly, not sure what to make of him. Her mouth opened to speak, but Tsume cut her off, "No questions not yet." He told her, then he gently and swiftly got up and disappeared into the shadows.


(Kira's PoV)

The next day at school I slid into my seat for my first class. Tsume was already there sitting quietly writing something. I took out my notebook and pencil, he threw (discreetly) a piece of paper and it landed on top of my hand. I slipped the note under the desk to read it. The note said:

Good morning, did you tell anyone? I truly hope you didn't I don't want

to have to…. Take care of you.

in small handwriting. I glanced over at him but he appeared to be reading a book but he had a sort of far off gaze in his eyes. I turned the small piece of paper over and wrote in return,

Good morning, no I didn't tell anyone so don't ask me anymore.

I flung it onto his open book lying on his desk; he opened it and read it silently. The teacher then stood up, I could feel the palms of my hands get slightly sweaty, but she didn't come toward us. Instead she started her lecture about the history of English. Tsume didn't even glance in my direction, not even once.

The bell rang and the class was dismissed. I gathered up my books and shoved them into my bag, and I headed for the door. Tsume grabbed my arm on the way out and I slowed down,

"I can't just leave you alone, I am going to be sticking to you like glue. As though we were joined at the hips." I looked at him as though he had sprouted a second head. There was no one in sight, he half smiled and a small chuckle escaped his lips.

"You don't have to look so appalled I was only joking, but I'm going to be sticking close to you. We are going to be spending more time together." He had leaned close to me, then let go of me completely. I looked around but he was already walking up the stairs, which were across the hall, to his next class. A chill ran up my spine and I stood frozen for a minute. When I regained some composer I thought mutinously to myself, 'Not if I can help it you wont.' and I nearly had to run to get to my next class; math. Right as I stepped into the classroom the warning bell sounded. I breathed a sigh of relief, and took a seat next to the window near the middle of all the rows and to the right. I noticed a person standing over me, at first I ignored them but when they didn't go away I looked up, it was a girl from my first class,

"What do you want?" I asked, searching my brain for her name.

"Why was Tsume hanging around you in English class?!" She demanded, I smirked,

"You are?" I asked tapping my pen against the desk,

"I'm Maya, part of his fan club." She explained; I nodded not interested. She grabbed my hair and yanked upward,

"Listen to me you witch, if I find out that your doing anything to him, I'll personally destroy you." Maya said coldly. My hair was hurting by now, some light purple strands threatening to break. Right when I think she's going to rip a hand full of hair out, a slim yet muscled hand grabbed Maya's hand. I couldn't see who the hand belonged to my hair was in the way and the way she was holding my hair was forcing me to look forward. All I could see were their hands. He squeezed the pressure points on her hand, she squeaked and was forced to let go of my hair. Maya's hand was let go of, and she held her wrist with her other hand. She turned and left quickly. A cold slim hand touched my hand that was lying on my desk. I looked up; Tsume was in front of me, squatting down on the floor looking at me.

"Are you ok?" He asked his voice low. Again his voice seemed to sooth me, I said nothing. He stared at me, "Are you ok?" he asked again, this time I nodded. He sighed, then got up and sat down in the desk beside me- Maya's desk.

"Wha..?" I began, he cut me off,

"I traded seats with Maya." He explained before I could get the sentence out of my mouth. I looked down avoiding anyone's gaze. I put my hand on my head where she had pulled my hair. He glanced over at me still uncertain looking, but I looked up at him.

"I'm fine." I said, "Don't worry about me." I looked down so that the shadows cast from my bangs covered my eyes. I didn't want anyone to see that my eyes were starting to get watery. The bell to start class sounded and the teacher started the lesson for today. I felt Tsume's stare disappear, and I almost wanted to cry. Normally I wouldn't want to cry, I would endure the pain and besides who would have protected me? But Tsume protected me; someone cared about me, worried about me. No one had done that before. I still refuse to like him but I don't hate him as much, and I want to become someone he could trust.

-------------- End-------------------