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Chapter 7- Joy

(Kira's pov)

I shook my head to clear away all of those thoughts of past feelings. I knew more about Tsume now, I knew he wasn't perfect, wasn't evil, and now I knew he was probably my friend. I came back to reality and saw Tsume had his hands on my shoulders and his face was really close.

"-ey… hey …Kira." His voice was close to my ear; it was soft and welcoming. I blinked repeatedly, putting a hand to my forehead with my hand. His eyebrows were furrowed together in concern but I brushed his hands away from my shoulders.

"S-sorry about that." I said looking back up to Tsume and gave him a small smile to reassure him. I saw my glass of milk in his hand and stared at it dumbly.

"Here. You can have this back now." He handed it back to me, "I thought you might drop it when you spaced out so I took it." He explained as I took the cup back.

"Sorry, I was remembering the past…" he nodded but he didn't look all too sure. I tried to get the topic moving. "So how about your parents?" He looked away from my face and his eyes grew sharper,

"They died…" he didn't look like he was going to say anything more on the subject. So I asked him a new question,

"So who do you live with now?" I took a small sip of my drink after speaking, finding an excuse for looking away from him. This time he answered the question,

"My distant uncle." He replied staring at me with yellow eyes that seemed to stare through me. It made me squirm under his intense stare. Suddenly he turned away, " So you lived in this house for around seven years, give or take a few years. And all by yourself." He asked seemingly surprised. I nodded a little, it had never really hit me as to how long I had been living here. Thinking about it, it made me sad that I had stayed here in this house for all those years. Talking about myself made me uncomfortable so I tried to change the topic.

"So… what are we doing today?" I was curious about what he might have planned or what he might come up with. He was staring at me with his strange piercing eyes.

"Hmmmm… I thought you could tell me?" He said smiling a little, but underneath I could see he looked tired and worn out. I shuffled back to the table slowly thinking carefully.

"We could go to the zoo… But that might pose a… problem." I opened my mouth to continue but Tsume interrupted me.

"Why do you say that?" He asked me sitting down by the table, kind of confused. I wrinkled my eyebrows together,

"Didn't you hear the news? Our town got a couple of wolves in the zoo. We got them from some city near New York. Because they are really high on the endangered list, they try to give them more choices for mates. Too bad people don't realize wolves are humans too." I informed him thinking about those wolves sitting in cages. He snickered at me, I turned and glared at him giving him a 'what?' type of vibe.

"Wolves that let themselves be caught and put in zoo's they do it to get free food, shelter, and attention. They give up on a normal human life. Either that or they are against wolves being human at all. So they choose to be wolf all the time. And it's not easy to do that in the natural world so they go to where they can be safe." He told me scowling at the air as he spoke. To get off the topic I continued with my original thought.

"We could go to an aquarium, but I don't know if there are any near by." I said, getting up and taking our plates and put them in the sink.

"There's a new aquarium, it's close and it opened just a few days ago. It's not finished but they are letting people go in." He looked at me while he talked, I nodded letting the edges of my lips go up in a tiny beginning of a smile.

"Ok then, why don't you go upstairs and get dressed. I'll wait for you here." He was up and heading for the stairs, by the time I was done talking he was half way there.

When I got bored of waiting it had been around ten minutes. I walked into the living room and picked up my brush. I started to pull the brush through my hair gently; but my excitement got the better of me, I brushed faster and harder then I intended to. About half way through my hair twisted into knots.

"Ouch!" I cried, cringing at my pain. Then a smooth hand touched my hand and I flinched away pulling my fingers away leaving the brush o dangle there. From behind me I could hear Tsume laugh quietly in a deeper voice.

"If you brush your hair like that you're going to end up pulling your hair out. Because you're a lady you should be more careful." He told me trying to be nice to me. I laughed dryly and sarcastically but I also quickly shut up. He took my brush and began to easily brush all the knots out of my hair. It only took him a few simple minutes but that would have taken me an hour,

"Thanks." I murmured, not so gratefully, he laid my brush down on the little black wooden coffee table and I scooted over to give myself room between him and me. I folded my arms and looked up him; "I'm going to go change now." I started to walk up the stairs but I could almost feel him staring at me with a small smirk on his face.

Once in my room I stared at the disarray of clothes, both clean and dirty, lying about on the floor. I walked over to my closet and looked around. Trying to find something to wear; I started digging through my closet and dresser, throwing my clothes left and right over my shoulders. I finally found some flare legged jeans that I had ever only worn once or twice to places I didn't want to go, like meeting my parents to have dinner the two times they ever tried to see me. I slipped them on quickly discarding my pajama pants. Opening a box in my closet I searched for a top to my outfit. I picked up a white spaghetti strap undershirt and slapped it on really fast, then I found a low cut green half sleeve T-shirt and threw it on over top of the white shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror; I didn't think it looked perfect but it still looked pretty good. I headed downstairs to go finish getting ready with Tsume. I walked down the stairs, Tsume sat in front of my TV and the other electronics . He was looking through my small pile of music CD's. I didn't mind him going through them, but I was curious at what he might be looking at.

"I heard the flute and violin track the other night it was wonderful; and a track by Musse. So I wanted to see what other music you had." He answered before I had asked. By now I was getting more use to this.

" The artist for that track of instrumental music last night, you probably haven't heard of him." I informed Tsume a slight blush caressing my cheeks. "My second cousin was a talented musician." I said proudly, my cousin was one of the few people in my family that I truly loved. It was too bad that his parents were both in accounting and wanted their only son to be as well. They had forbidden him to play anymore, but on his 20th birthday h told them goodbye and flew to Australia to play. My smile faded when I looked over to Tsume and saw him frowning a tiny bit at me.

" Sorry I was just remembering him, I haven't seen him in years. He moved far away and I don't think he is very famous yet." He nodded and smiled softly at me while standing up,

"Are you ready to leave yet?" He asked lightly as I headed for the door. I grabbed the door handle, pausing to slip on some shoes. In my small closet where I kept most of my shoes I found a pair of skinny, black, tie-up boots. I yanked them on, tied them hastily, and pulled my pants legs back down over the boots. Tsume had already finished putting his gray tennis shoes on and had opened the door already.

"I'm ready." I told him as I slid past him and out the door. A smile was starting to tug at the edges of his tightly shut mouth. As soon as I locked up my house and hung my keys on a small branch of a shrub nestled right beside my house Tsume gently placed his hand on the center of my back almost as if to guide me. I tried to ignore him and his silly jokes and we slowly started our walk side by side to the aquarium.

It took us about an hour to get to the aquarium gateway entrance by foot. We had rushed quickly and it had been mostly quiet. Tsume was standing next to me, close enough that our arms brushed.

"Stay here, I'm going to go get us tickets." He whispered, his mouth inches from my ear. I glanced at him and my lips twitched into a frown.

"Your going to buy me my ticket?" I asked, my voice not exactly welcoming. He smirked but nodded.

"Yes, but I suppose you have a problem with that don't you." He said pulling away from me and melting deep into the crowd. I scowled at the space where he stood minutes ago.

Him leaving me alone allowed me to meditate on the small things that I didn't notice as we rushed out the door; things like the large fluffy clouds that strolled silently across the sky. Or the birds that were so high in the air that they looked like tiny paper airplanes. My aggravated expression soon became more peaceful as I stared into the deep blue of the heavens.


(Tsume's pov)

I had just bought the tickets and I safely gripped them in my hands. I was walking back to where I left Kira, trying to avoid crashing into the large mass of people that were waiting for their turn at the ticket booths. When I finally caught a glimpse of her from between the bodies of humans I halted in my tracks. She was smiling softly to herself as she stared at the clouds. I chuckled very quietly to myself. I would have to say something to her when I got back- something like a joke, she always leaves her guard down at the strangest moments. As I slowly drew closer I plastered on a somewhat faked smile but that soon turned to an immediate frown. A small group of guys stood about four feet from where I was and they were six feet away from Kira, give or take a few inches. They were talking quietly among themselves, every now and again gesturing toward Kira. Being the wolf that I was I could hear every word coming from their filthy mouths.

"I thought you said that this was a great place for picking up chicks." One said. The fourth young guy nodded,

"Yeah, but all these people are couples. We haven't seen any really cute girls we can try to pick up." The second one said sighing loudly. The third cleared his throat and pulled on the other three guys' jackets.

"Hey there is a pretty cute girl over there who looks air-headed. Isn't that just perfect for who we're looking for?" He pointed to where Kira stood. The three guys smirked making almost fox-like faces.

"That girl doesn't look so hard to take, I bet I could get her alone in a tight room in 30 minutes." One guys said laughing darkly at his own joke. Another one spoke up,

"Yeah I like girls just like that; ditsy and controllable." The others chuckled and I silently cursed as they started walking towards Kira.

I growled at passerby's as I shoved people out of my way. I was running in a large circle to get to Kira. Why was I running? Well to get there ahead of four goons who had been trying to pick up girls when they spotted Kira looking silly and alone. I hoped for the sake of the group of guys that I would get there first.


(Kira's pov)

Tsume appeared at my side seeming almost to materialize in front of me. An urgent kind of atmosphere hung in the air. His eyes darted side to side but he smiled at me beautifully. He put one arm over my shoulder and smiled at me, almost urging me to smile to. I gave him a small grin, not to sure what he wanted from me.

"Come on. I've got the tickets." He held them up for me to see; pulling me, hand still over my shoulder to where the entrance was. I was slightly bewildered by his attitude but I allowed him to lead me. As he lead me into the line for the entrance I noticed a group of young men, probably collage aged, staring longingly at me and fuming silently, glaring at Tsume. I briefly wondered what Tsume did to them and why they were staring at me like a piece of meat. But my curiosity was soon forgotten as Tsume showed our tickets to the lady and we entered the building. It was a large, tall gray building. The lights were dimmed and almost candle-like. Huge tanks of water were everywhere. Some tanks were so large that only windows were the only visibility into their depths. Other tanks were small and oddly shaped and had only certain breeds of fish were in the tank. More tanks were changing color as time went, while some were bubbling or steaming. The room we were in was the main lobby. It had large tunnel rooms leading off into other rooms and more hallways that lead to even more rooms. It was basically a huge labyrinth of rooms teeming with fish and undersea life.

The Aquarium was not quite finished yet but had to make its opening debut so some rooms had tanks and dimmed lights but held no actual fish. Tsume released me from the close hold he had on me to allow me to look around in awe. Then when I was mostly done ogling the beauty of the place he took my hand and led me down a carpeted ramp to a lower level, a more recent room. The lighting was even lower here then back upstairs. There was a large coral-like structure in the middle of the room glowing and changing color as a few couples walked by admiring the fish. The room I now stared at was oval in shape with a large, wide window spread around the entire room coral laying on the bottom, decorating the tanks for the brightly colored exotic angel fish that were swimming about through the coral and rocks gracefully. When I finally found my voice I could only utter a single word.

"Wow…" I said, my voice barely above a whisper. I could see Tsume out of the corner of my eye; he was smiling. He leaned close to me so he could speak without ruining the moment.

"Yes, and this is only one room. There are hundreds more." He whispered into the base of my ear, his voice quiet and charming. I nodded not taking my eyes off the fish that were playfully swimming. We walked around the room for a little bit of time but Tsume wanted to keep going. So we moved on to another room. It was slightly brighter then the last and had many smaller exhibits of fish from the large open oceans. There was much more people here too, we had to stand close together, squished into a small space to look at a few tanks. The one we stared into had somewhat flat fish in it. They were bright blue in color and had half a circle of yellow on its body. It had small fins and seemed cute. "The plaque says it's a palette surgeon fish." Tsume said to me, who was shoved closer to me the moment he spoke. I watched as he glared over at the lovey-dovey couple next to him, I snickered silently to myself before we moved on to the next tank.


(third person pov)

Only a few tanks down stood a few girls, Tsume and Kira who were caught up with all their excitement together failed to notice them. There were three of them and they stared not at the beautiful fish around them but at a certain boy with yellow eyes. They had seen him when he first walked in and they found him overly attractive. So they had tailed him through the aquarium.


I looked over Tsume's figure and he was staring very interestedly into a tank filled with all types of manta rays. His eyes tracked their every movement as they twirled and angled through the water. Then he finally must have sensed that I was watching him because he turned his head toward me and smiled.

"Well, are you having a good time? Is the aquarium fun?" He asked, his body still mostly turned toward the tank. His upper body leaning heavily against the handrail, his arms crossed and supporting him.

"A good time, yes I might even say I'm having a great time. But is the aquarium fun? Well let's just say I'm not so sure." I explained turning away from him for a moment to look at the spotted eagle ray that had glided close. He grinned at my comment, reading something in between the lines that I obviously hadn't meant to say. Inching himself very close to me he said,

"Oh so you don't mind aquariums but had a good time. Does that mean you just really loved my company so much as to say you had a great time?" He had whispered it softly but in such a quiet room it was almost echoing loudly in my ears. Then half playfully half angrily I pinched his arm hard. He flinched and backed away again and I could hear him say ouch to himself, but I didn't feel sorry for him. I snorted at him and muttered mutinously to myself. When I looked back over at him and he only stared warmly back, not angry in the least bit. I felt bad and I had been happy that he had taken me and bought me my ticket. I naturally wanted to show him my thanks. I turned my whole body until I faced Tsume. I quickly closed the space between us in order to give him a hug. I wrapped my arms around his middle, half expecting to push me away or stiffen at my touch. I whispered very quietly almost hoping he wouldn't hear,

"Thank you." It had been very quiet, nearly inaudible. He seemed surprised at my hug, but not annoyed or grossed out. Then after only a moment's hesitation he hugged me back. I was happy he didn't reject me, he hadn't pushed me away, a new warmth spread through my limbs and body, a joyous happy feeling.

- End-