Feel yourself float away

On top of a mountain

So far away

Just melt…

Turn back time

Go back to a place you love

Climb over each hurdle and stressor

Feel your body burn and grow

One day you'll fly away

From all this pain

Be one with the air

And never mind the cold

Biting at your soul

Don't be kept prisoner by the heat

Just think…of…




Mean Something

Last night you sat in your bed

And wondered

"Am I doing something with my life"

"I have a job"

"A wife with children"

"But have I completed my purpose?"

Then you knew the answer

And longed for something more

Something that would be brave

Something that would help others

You opened your heart

And found your quest there

"Help people who are sick"

"Do it using your gifts"

Art, painting drawing…

Coloring inside the lines…

Music from your instruments

Taking pictures of the world

And the sick look up and smile

For they have not been forgotten

The road with disease is hard

And many just need a friend

And you will be that friend

Until we all turn to dust

Take My Hand

Reach out your hand

I'll take it

Trust in me

I'll make you trust worthy

Together we'll pave many paths

And I'll do all of that

As long as your with me