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-Line Break-

He staggered back, 'What? Why would fI do that?' He stummered.

'Because I DON'T belong in this realm Steven! I belong with the humans!' I screamed. Pain shot threw my body, 'I don't fit in here.' I said slowly.

'What's going on here?' the guy asked confused.

'Nothing Joe. Your dismissed.' Steven said not glancing at the man. Soon as he said that the guy vanished.

'Lay down and get some sleep. this convosation is over.' He commanded. I laid down by the wall not responding.

Who does he think he is? Telling me what to do! I soon fell in a deep slumber.

The days flew by fast as me and Steven wasn't talking. One day I woke up from a nap and saw Steven working at his desk on a piece of paper, with his shirt off and his shirt wet.

'When can I go back to my room?' He looked at me but didn't respond.

I thought it was because we haven't talked for five days, and he was suprised but I soon remembered I was in one of his shirts.

Soon he answered my question, 'Till I think you can walk from the bathroom to the bed without pain making you double over.' He said calmly, turning back to his work.

Well, darn. I was hoping he didn't notice that.

I sat up staring at his scar on his shoulder blade. 'How did you get that scar?' I asked dumbly, trying to keep the convosation going.

He paused before answering, 'Perhaps, I'll tell you one day but not today.' He said not even glancing at me.

I rolled my eyes at him, 'You can't keep me in this room for forever.' I said challenging.

He looked at me with his blue eye's. 'You wanna bet?' He raised his eye brow.

I paused, 'Yes I do!' I said glaring at him.

He stood up. 'If I can keep you from dieing then I can keep you in here.' He growled possessively.

Someone knocked on the door interupting my glaring. I sat on the bed when Steven glanced my way and motioning to the bed. I tensed when Steven turned around to open the door.

I am going to get out of here if it's the last thing I do!

Soon as the door opened wide enough for me to slip/run through, I bolted off the bed headed for the door.

Steven leaped at me trying to get me before I got in the hallway, but missed. I yelped, almost made it past Nick when Steven yelled, 'GET HER!'

Nick caught me, 'Damn it!' I muttered, as Nick dragged me back into the room.

Nick looked at me amused, as he shut the door.

'What's going on?' Nick asked.

Steven ignored him as he yelled at me. 'Susan for christ sakes!' He grabbed my arm and threw me on the bed. I landed on my back but automatically sat up.

'Why did you do that!' I screamed, at Steven whom was hovering over the bed fuming.

I kicked at Steven, hitting him in the stomach, 'Why did you do that for!' He yelled at me, cursing.

'Because I can you stupid man-whore! Do you think I want to be in this room all the time?' I screamed, jumping up off the bed.

I pushed at Steven, Nick whom was watching us looked lost. 'Would someone tell me what the hell is happening?' I glared at him.

'I will tell you! Steven, the man-whore-

'I'M NOT A MAN-WHORE!' Steven interupted

I kept going, 'STEVEN! THE MAN-WHORE won't let me out of the god forbidden room!' I yelled fuming.

Nick started laughing at me, 'No duh. Your not ready. But you can go to your room if Steven allows it.' He said calmly.

I rolled my eye's, 'He won't, but WHATEVER!' I said walking to the bed again.

Nick sighed. 'Okay later Steven.' He left the room shutting the door quickly.

I glared at Steven. He held up his hands, 'Whoa. Calm down girl!'

I saw Steven's knife. 'Can I see your knife?'

'Why?' He asked suspiously.

I shrugged, 'I don't know.' I said.

'Uh.. Okay then.' He walked into the bathroom, grabing the medical kit again.

He sighed when I glared at him again. 'Your bleeding again. Let's rebandge that, then go to bed. Okay?'

'Okay. Fine.' I glared at him again.

He put the achole on my wound. I slapped at his hand. 'OW!' I said.

'Sorry.' he mummered, finally wrapping the bandage around my stomach.

He got up, wipping his hands off. I laid down, falling asleep.

He looked at me falling asleep and rolled his eye's. I rolled over to face the wall.

I listened to him getting into his dresser and walking to the bathroom. Soon I finally closed my eye's falling into a fitful sleep.

When I woke up it was pitch black out. I remembered why I woke up it was because of a crazed dream. I felt sticky with sweat.

I rolled over onto Steven's side and found he wasn't there. I sat up brushing my hair out of my face.

I sighed, and saw moon light shining through Steven's window. I got up and looked out at the stars. I coughed and pain shot through me again.

I moved and felt the pain again. Usually if I stand to long I start to hurt. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the light.

I saw Steven in the corner with is head in his hands. I walked over to him, concerned. I knelt down beside him and I toched his shoulder and he jerked, 'Steven? Are you okay?' I whispered

'Go away Susan.' he said in a low, husky voice. I pulled back but I didn't get up.

"Why does he want me to go away? Is he hurt? Sad? Mad at me?"

'Steven. Please?' I touched his hand and he jerked away and glared at me with a cold, icey stare.

NO! I said GO AWAY! I don't wnat to takl to you!' I touched his shoulder, trying to understand why he was so mad.

He stood pushing me down, I winced and so did he. 'I didn't say you could touch me!' He yelled/growled.

I stood up frightened, 'I'm sorry.' I said cowarding away.

'If you was sorry you would've left me alone!' He yelled.

"That's enough for me. What did I do to him? I have had it."

'You know what Steven! I tried to be ice!' I screamed. 'If you didn't want me to be around you then why did you bring me here? Why? Why did you save me when YOU could've LEFT ME FOR DEAD!' I screamed at him pushing him backwards. 'You could've left me there to die! Then I wouldn't be here to be in your hair!' I screamed tears ran down my face in fury. I wiped them away.

'Your so stuck in yourself! Why don't YOU go AWAY! Why didn't you let that GIRL finish me OFF?' I slammed my fist in his chest, knocking him back a step. 'Your ungrateful! I HATE YOU! Your a jerk. NOW why don't YOU! go AWAY!' I screamed some more.

I heard someone in the door way. I looked and it was Nick and some other people. I turned back to Steven, glaring.

There's a saying, "If looks can kill, then you would be dead."

I ran out of the room...

-Line Break-

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