"Why in the world did he come back? There was no reason for him to, he almost got killed out there just to make it into a place that he fought so hard to get free of!" Rowan said. Shari looked amazed,
"You mean you guys still don't know why he came back?"
They all shook their heads.
"Sillies! He came back for her! And he's going to have a fit when he realizes that she's gone!"
The door slammed open.
"Where is she?" Thorn growled,
"Where's who?" Shari asked innocently.
"Don't play games! Where is Rin!" he yelled.
"No need to get so upset," Rowan added. "All we know is that left two days disguised as a boy. She even cut all her hair off!"
Thorn turned around and left the room.
"Yep," Shari nodded. "He's got it bad."

Hey guys, this is a story I've had sitting around for a while, the idea was originally my sisters, before she handed it over to me. Thus, all praise goes to her, but let me know what you think! I have more, but I want to seriously know what people think before uploading any more. Constructive criticism needed of course . Oh, and background will of course be filled in, I don't have a beta, and I have a couple projects going on as well as this. Patience please :)
Please, don't think that this is another assassin story. Its not.. or at least, it was down on paper a long time before the rest of the population of writers realized just how cool they were xD My sister was my age when she wrote this, so around 6 years ago now she wrote it.. She has another story that I plan on rewriting, which of course she knows about.. she's busy working, and is married now, so I get to try my hand at continuing her story :) Enjoy!