Statement of a Revolutionary

It is common for man to crave social superiority by means of human nature. Those who rise to the occasion and gain strong footholds in society may be labeled as wither noble leaders or ruthless tyrants. When war tears away the democracy that allowed people to be opinionated in such matters, we find a country with a sort of suppressed proletariat. Constantly shadowed by their militant dictator's police and guard. But history tells us that, like the Black Hand fought for the Serbs or the attempts to assassinate Hitler, revolutionaries will rise up against oppression. This is my world and although I am indeed a militant figure I am also a scholar of history. With that being said, those who learn from the past can foresee the future. It is those who refuse the knowledge that die in a sea of their own ignorance.

-Christina Rose

Secondary War Counsel

Scholar of History

Historian to The Veil