Even though you know that
you do not have much time to live,
you continue to give that smile—
that beautiful, cheerful smile.

Even though it kills you inside
to try to fake a cheerful smile
just so your loved ones
will not worry and panic all the time.

And there might not be a tomorrow;
but you persevere on,
and kept giving your life a reason—
even though you do not have time.

You were walking in a tunnel without light;
misguiding yourself all the time,
but you still got back up on your feet
and tried, tried, and tried again!

Although tears may drip down,
although you may fall down—
to you, it doesn't mean you should give up;
all the more you would try harder.

As you wrote in your diary
tears down your swollen eyes,
you kept on telling yourself—
that you would make it through.