I think that I need

To get a little perspective

But I don't really know

how to start

I have all these words

that motivate and inspire

But none of them reach

To my heart

I have all these reasons

To be happy and active

But I'm faulty

And can't seem to care

I can't talk to strangers

In person, to make friends

Old warnings make me think

"Do you dare?"

I have all these things

That I have to do now

But I shrug and say

"I'll do them tomorrow"

When will I learn?

Is it possible to change?

Or will it all end

In sorrow?

I know that I need

To get some perspective

To improve

But I can't when I try

I know that I need to

But it seems so impossible

I would give you a reason

But I just don't know why.

I don't know what I need

To gain perspective?

What will that help?

And how?

I'm guessing I need

To start moving forward

No excuses

Right here

Right now.