Hey babe,

I like your style.

C'mover here,

Let's chat awhile.

I don't judge,

I don't hate,

It don't matter,

you look great.

Don't be afraid

to be who you are,

layin' there hiding

ain't gettin' ya far.

Live how you want,

ya won't be free

if you don't live

life as it should be.

Play the game,

take the chance.

We don't get many

shots at romance.

Love's such a dreary,

teary, over-used word,

just let it drop,

the meaning's absurd.

Laugh at me,

scorn my name,

it's all some part

of a silly game.

Darkness, evil,

dance, and wine.

Without them all,

the world is blind.

Blind to passion,

to heat and fear,

anticipation drawing

more and more near.

The end comes quick,

sorrows behold,

life's too short to

waste time gettin' old.