Dear God,

I'm so grateful to be here today.

Thank you for showing me the way.

Thank you for protecting me when I was too insane to think.

The day you gave me shelter, my stinging vanished in a blink.

I know sometimes I forget everything that happened in the past.

Sometimes I pretend I never fell prey to the evil shadow it cast.

But that's my way of protecting me from regret and its darkness.

That's my way of telling myself that you led me out of the mess.

Just know that, I am grateful for every single second when I breathe,

I'm grateful when I see light and my feet touch the ground beneath.

I know I'm not worth your merciful forgiveness after the life I have spent.

But thank you for giving me a second chance, for the sake of my parents.

My throat clogs with a lump of gratitude as I type this little thanks.

My eyes are misty as I remember it all and my mind goes blank.

So you know I mean it, I'm not just saying it, right?

Thank you for your light, that faded away the night.

You were there for me, dear God, in my darkest hour.

Thank for you blessing me with your love's shower.

I know I don't say this often, but I owe you my life.

I'm grateful to be here today, I'm grateful to be alive.

And I promise you, I've rectified my ways.

Dear God, I'm so grateful to be here today.

A/N: I'm Hindu. I don't go to the temple and pray very often these days. But this poem written from my heart counts, right?