The bitch witch

Once upon a time there was a powerful and rich king. His name was Stinky I. when he was born, he was cursed by a evil witch, who said:

"You will be the most stinky king of all time".

He used to take a shower everyday, but even the skunks smelled better than him.

One day, an ugly and poor girl arrived to his palace; and the witch appeared and told them:

"If you get married, you will be a beautiful queen and you will lose your terrible smell".

But the king had a problem, he had fallen in love with another woman. He loved that girl so mucho, even she didn't feel de same because his awful smell.

Later, Stinky I thought that was an excellent opportunity to say goodbye his very bad smell. Maybe his loved woman could be his lover, although he was married.

Then the king and the poor and ugly girl got married, but nothing changed. They were very surprised, but 3 days after they realized that the bitch witch had died before. She would never break the curse. She couldn't do it more!

And then, Stinky I and her wife lived unhappily ever after.

I know the story isn't good, but it's just a tale written for me and 2 friends for our English class. We wanted to have fun, and we did it. The teacher laughed a lot when he read it. I hope you to do it too! :D