Chapter 1:

To: HaileeMay

From: Zacry.Z

Subject: Greetings from… my bedroom.


Had a random thought about you today. I haven't talked to you in awhile. Just wondering how everything was. Call me sometime.



Zac Zeller closed the browser window on his laptop and closed it down. He glanced up at one of the pictures on his wall. It was taken last time he and Hailee were together about six months ago. They were both making crazy faces as usual. Next to it was a picture of them when they were about fifteen, again making crazy faces. He smiled to himself getting up out of his desk chair.

Hailee Maysen was Zac's white rabbit, always hopping in and out of his life in a hurry to move on to whatever was next. It was the bad habit she learned from her mother. She would hop in long enough to make him addicted to her again and then leave with him wanting more. In between visits, contact was limited, just an occasional e-mail or phone call to say hi. She wasn't very good at keeping in touch. But when they were together, it was as if they had never been apart. Zac was madly in love with her, but just knew that she wasn't going to settle down any time soon. So he took what he could get, and soaked up as much of her as he possibly could while she was around.

The rest of the Zeller family, particularly Zac's two older brothers Christian and Blake, had a love-hate relationship with Hailee. They knew her well from growing up with her, just like Zac. They adored her liveliness and spunk, and it was absolutely impossible to not love her when she was around. However they'd warp into hating her every time she picked up and left leaving Zac crushed yet again. They were very protective of their little brother when it came to Hailee, but she just had an effect on people that made it impossible for them to stay mad at her.

Hailee was the heiress to the Maysen Production fortune. Her father owned one of the largest production companies in the country. She wasn't exactly close with her father for she was basically the love child of her parents who met while vacationing in Paris. They never married, they didn't even stay together long, but Hailee was the result of their union. And with that came the promise that she and her mother would never have to worry about money again, and they didn't. Money was just added to her bank account every month and she lived rather lavishly off that. Spoiled, definitely. Stuck-up, not in the slightest.

Scottsdale, Arizona was where Hailee's mom grew up and so while Hailee was growing up she bounced back and forth between Scottsdale and where ever else her mother felt like going. She always wound up back in Arizona though and that's where her friendship with Zac grew. Even after she moved away from her mom, she still always found her way back to Scottsdale and back to Zac.

"Zac!! You have a visitor!!" Blake's voice called up the stairs of the house the three boys shared. The three of them owned a local film and photography company that had been owned by their dad originally. They grew up working with him and when it was time for him to retire, the three boys took over and expanded it to new heights. They found it easy to just live together and have their guest house converted into their own personal office. That way they could do editing and whatever else needed at any time of the day and they were always together.

"Coming!" Zac called back leaving his bedroom.

"Hey!" Cara smiled as Zac walked into the foyer. Cara Reeves was a cute blonde southern girl that Zac had been dating for about four months. They met through a mutual friend and fell into a relationship rather quickly.

"Hey babe!" Zac said wrapping his girlfriend up in a hug, "What are you doing here? We didn't plan something and I forgot did we?"

"No, we didn't," she smiled up at him, "but I had to come tell you that I have to go out of town for a few days."

"What? Why?"

"My grandma just passed away, so I have to go with my family back to Georgia for the funeral and all."

"Oh wow… I'm so sorry," he said hugging her again.

"It's okay. I didn't really know her very well. So I'm fine."

"How long are you gonna be gone?"

"I don't know. She just passed away last night, so my mom has to go down and make all the funeral arrangements and then we have to have the actual funeral. So it'll be a little while."

"Well that sucks...I actually have some time off work, but I know that sounds incredibly selfish right now," Zac said with a little laugh.

Cara laughed. "I know, it does suck… so I just wanted to stop by so I could say goodbye and get one last kiss," she smiled sweetly.

"Absolutely," Zac smiled down at her cupping her face with his hands and placing his lips on hers. She gladly accepted them.

"Well call me when you can," Zac said as he opened the door for Cara.

"I will. I'll miss you," she said.

"I'll miss you too," he said kissing her one last time. She paused for a moment seeming to want something more, but then smiled and left.

"I'll miss you… I'll miss you too," Christian and Blake mocked as Zac shut the door. They happened to have been passing through to the kitchen and witnessed the mushy scene.

"Shut up. You're just jealous," Zac said slightly embarrassed.

"Dude, when are you gonna tell her you love her. She's like waiting for you to say it. That's what that little pause was about," Chris observed.

"I'm not gonna say it if I don't mean it," Zac said simply with a shrug.

"You sure do act like it," Blake chimed in.

"I like her a lot, but I really don't think that I'm in love with her yet."

"This doesn't have anything to do with Hailee does it?" Chris asked as they all walked into the kitchen.

"No, why would you say that?"

"Because it usually does," Blake answered for him.

"I haven't even talked to Hailee since I started dating Cara. She's not exactly in the picture right now. I'm just taking things slow. No need to rush." Zac opened up the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

* * * * *

A loud noise rudely woke Zac up the next morning. It wasn't exactly early, but Zac had come accustom to sleeping in when he and his brothers weren't working. He fumbled around for the source of the noise to discover it was his phone.

"Hello?" he answered without even opening his eyes.

"Hey Zac!" He knew that voice.

"Hailee?" he asked not really believing it.

"Of course it's Hailee goof ball! What are you doing? Are you still sleeping?" she asked with a little laugh.

"Yeah. What are you doing? Where are you?"

"Well that's why I'm calling actually… I just got into Phoenix and I was gonna head over to your place."

Zac sat straight up. Did he just hear her correctly?

"You're in Arizona?"

"Yeah, my plane just landed. So I'm going to rent a car and then head over, if that's okay."

"Of course! I'll be here."

"Alright, see you soon!" They hung up and Zac jumped out of bed. He had to shower and get ready. His white rabbit had returned. He knew he shouldn't get so excited, but he couldn't help himself.