There are two steps to finding answers: Ask and Seek.
Everything plays hand-in-hand with each other.
Without wanting answers, you cannot ask;
Without asking, you cannot seek;
Without seeking, you cannot answer.

Life is filled with questions.
Without asking,
Without seeking,
Without answering,
We are nothing but living dolls.

In order to live
You must question,
You must doubt,
You must find,
You must live.

Anything worth living for
Must be worth doubting for,
Must be worth searching for,
Must be worth finding for.
Everything else is purposeless.


Hello! This is my first time writing in so long! I'm sorry but I must say that this is not one of my best works =/

Please do me a favor and if this is the first of my writing that you have read and already have a negative feeling about my writing, read another one of my works. Hopefully, that negative thinking will leave, but if not, it's okay too. Just let me know how I can improve my writing!

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