I awoke to a dark grey slab of sky,

the red trees' branches reaching up into it like splayed-out veins.

But if the earth were alive today,

I wouldn't know it.

Though the limbs of the trees glow vibrant red,

they are barren and hollow-looking,

the green lichen hanging off from them like sagging skin.

No birds perch on the naked trees.

No birds sing.

The swamp lies beyond;

shallow pools reflecting the dismal sky,

surrounded by scraggly weeds and long yellow grass.

The sun,

where has its glowing heart gone?

Where is the life of the day,

pulsing brightly in the blue sky

and lush grass?

Rain begins to fall in long strands of silver hair,

pounding relentlessly at my window as if…

as if it, too, wanted to get inside and suck the life out of me.

My conclusion:

spring sucks.