High School is just another name for Hell.

You guys make me wanna scream and yell.

I'm tired of being the one to swallow my pride.

I'm tired of you making me feel worthless inside.

I'm tired of always playing sweet and nice.

I'm tired of being the one who has to apologize.

I'm tired of measuring every single word I say.

I'm tired of avoiding the inevitable every day.

I remember coming home with tears in my eyes.

I remember losing everything because of your lies.

I remember asking myself, "Why did they choose me?"

I remember wondering what was wrong that I couldn't see.

I remember wondering what I could do to make it better.

I remember wondering how I could conquer my hater.

I remember that things have been this way for years.

High School for me has become synonymous to tears….


You think your words still sting, but you see-

This is 2011, and now you've got nothing on me!

You're ready for the upcoming fight, but so am I.

You wanna break me down again; I'd like to see you try!

You can't hurt me and make me cry so easily anymore.

Your words can't penetrate my armor and reach my core.

Now you can't make me feel like I'm the one who's wrong.

Now I've gained a lot of confidence, now I'm mentally strong.

So you are welcome to keep on saying these mean little things.

Every day you'd have to look for new insults, this is never ending.

You've called me a lesbian; you've teased me for being a nerd.

By searching for news idea, you're the one who's working hard!

Unlike you losers, I do have a beautiful life and a dream,

I need time to cuddle with my cats and crave ice-cream.

You forgot that you can't hurt someone whose mind is at peace!

I'm so content with myself now; I don't give a damn about this!

You're wasting all your time on bullying, you see.

This is Senior Year, and you've got nothing on me.

A/NL seriously, they want a fight, I'll give them a fight. Like I care what these losers would say/do to me? What can they do to me besides say nasty things? They think I'm over-sentimental and they can make me cry easily. Yeah, right! I'm not afraid anymore. God is with me, not them.