Four scenes of Halloween: Rikarah and Gavin 1

(written this year in October) 2

1. Costume malfunction 3

"Help me do up the back of this, Gavin, would you?" Rikarah asked as she strode up to the tall, slender young man nearby. She made sure to turn very slowly as she presented her back to him, ascertaining that he would miss no detail of her body's display in her chosen Halloween costume. "I'm not sure I can reach all the way up my back." 4

Gavin's dark eyes travelled up the length of his lover's small, lithe form in the leather catsuit so admirably clinging to her, lingering over her legs, thighs, and buttocks. Rikarah was dressed as Catwoman, an outfit he wholly approved of. But as he reached out to touch her, tracing his fingers slightly down the exposed pale skin of her back, he spoke wryly. 5

"We have over two hours until we need to leave…is there any particular reason you are dressing so early, Rikarah?" 6

Rikarah turned her head deliberately, looking over her shoulder at Gavin, and her eyes glittered mischievously as she smiled. 7

"Yes, of course, Gavin… I know that as soon as you really start to touch me while I am dressed like this, you will have to take it right back off of me…and I want to make sure you are spent enough to resist the urge when I actually do need to put it on again." 8

Gavin's lips quirked, and he continued to caress her skin, his hand flattening, smoothing over her shoulders and to the base of her spine before slowly dipping lower. 9

"You know me well, Rikarah…but rest assured, a few hours will not have me spent." 10

As he took her shoulders and turned her roughly, she tilted her head to meet his lips in a crushing kiss; in mere seconds the catsuit was in a tangle at her feet. A few seconds more and it was lying discarded on the floor, to be forgotten for several more hours. 11

2. A successful business venture 12

The ghoulish young women shrieked, slamming their bodies against the steel bars of their jail cell. Bats fluttered overhead, hissing, eyes glowing red, dangerously near their heads. The light was dim, flickering often, brightening only in sporadic intervals to reveal the hideous entities that leapt out at the couple around every corner. Wolves howled, a baby cried, blood ran in slow trickles down the walls, and from behind them they heard a chainsaw start up, could hear footsteps running behind them, invoking chase… 13

Simultaneously Gavin and Rikarah yawned, eyes glazed over with boredom and contempt. 14

"Remind me again why we paid to come here, Rika," Gavin said, his eyes sliding pointedly to regard the chainsaw-wielding man standing a foot away from them, rather foolishly mincing behind them as they continued at a slow, meandering pace. 15

"It IS supposed to be one of the best haunted house attractions in the area…I would certainly hate to see the others if this is true," Rikarah agreed, rolling her eyes. Pulling Gavin to a stop, she turned to address the man with the chainsaw, smiling pleasantly. "Hi. You can save yourself some effort and just set that down and let it run if you would like, and we'll just pretend we both ran out screaming in terror…deal?" 16

The man stopped, confused, and just blinked at her. Rikarah nodded, taking this as agreement, and patted his shoulder politely. 17

"Thanks." 18

As she and Gavin continued through the building, they ignored the attempts of the actors to frighten them, instead speaking to each other as if they were walking alone through a mall or any other similar public atmosphere. 19

"You know, OUR place is scarier than this, Gavin. I get more of an adrenaline jolt just walking into our bedroom or basement." 20

"I suppose that wouldn't have anything to do with me being by your side," Gavin said wryly, and Rikarah smirked, poking him in the side. 21

"Trust you to believe that… seriously, though, our own home is scarier than this. If we opened up a tour we could make a lot of money." 22

Their walking slowed almost to a stop as they thought about it. The organs in their fridge… the severed heads on the shelf in their bedroom… the chains and shackles in the basement, the assortment of weaponry in each closet… and throughout the entire home, Rikarah's artwork, skillfully crafted from human parts and bodily fluids. 23

Gavin's smile spread slowly as he took his lover's hand, tightening his fingers on hers. 24

"We could make a killing," he stated, and Rikarah's eyes glittered. 25

"We could… too bad we have to keep our day jobs, huh?" 26

With that they continued through the house, still daydreaming of the impractical but appealing notion of a business success. 27

3. Slow dance at midnight 28

Their bodies pressed close, her smaller form somehow still managing to mold firmly into his, they swayed together in rhythm with the softly playing music. They were surrounded by others but paid them no mind; there was no reason to. They had each other, were wrapped in each other's arms, and that was all that mattered. 29

Rikarah's long black wig cascaded over her arms, past her waist, often catching on Gavin's watch; his pencil mustache tickled each time he kissed her. As Morticia and Gomez Addams, they were strikingly similar to their costumes in both appearance and preoccupation with each other. 30

It was close to midnight, Halloween evening almost coming to a close, but they were unaware of this. They simply swayed together, their arms locked securely around each other, Gavin's lips pressed to the top of Rikarah's head, lost in the moment of the music and the others' warm proximity. 31

There would be no death tonight, for them, no addition to their collection, in spite of the day and hour. For tonight, it was enough just to be together. 32

For now, anyway…and unless someone simply made it too difficult to resist. 33

4. An ecstastic moment 34

Their breathing heightened, chests heaving, adrenaline running strongly through their veins, Gavin and Rikarah gazed at the bloodied body at their feet in the darkened alley, pupils dilated, their eyes shimmering with savage glee. They held each other, their skin sticky, smeared with blood, their bodies heated, hearts racing, and simply grinned, reveling in the moment, in this newest kill, the newest addition to their ever-growing collection. 35

Held closely in Gavin's arms, her cheek pressed into his chest, Rikarah's smile widened slowly… this was it, the perfect timing she had been waiting for. Lifting her head, she looked up into Gavin's eyes and spoke quietly, but with a tremulous undercurrent of excitement. 36

"Gavin…I'm pregnant." 37

His eyes widened, and he looked down at her with shock inherent in his usually cool, nonchalant expression. The very rareness of it made it seem almost silly, and Rikarah giggled, squeezing his ass with one hand in a sudden playful gesture. 38

"Rikarah…you mean…" 39

"Yes," she interrupted, and she tightened her arms around him, squeezing until she knew he must feel pain, still smiling broadly, radiantly. "Yes, Gavin… you're going to be a daddy. Isn't that insane?" 40

His eyes locked on hers, he nodded slowly, drinking in every detail of her face, her joy, and he pulled her even more tightly against his chest. 41

"Utter madness," he murmured. 42

He kissed her, his tongue tangling with hers roughly, almost a battle of domination more than affection as they held each other hard enough to bruise, to tear clothing. They were well aware of the blood they were standing in, the body at their feet, the full moon overhead their only source of light…it was a perfect end to the Halloween night. 43