Steffi had walked along the shore of the beach outside of her home since she'd been a little kid, but she had left her childhood behind her several years ago, when she had ripened into a young woman.

The lazy days of summer spent building sand castles only to watch the tides ride in and reclaim them; the hours spent splashing in the waves, as schools of dolphins cavorted a careful distance away. Nights spent with friends around bonfires roasting hotdogs and making s'mores. Sitting out on blankets with boyfriends watching the meteors dart across the night sky, the darkness of the water meeting up with the purplish blue of the sky in the horizon.

The men had only started watching her more recently. They hadn't known the little girl with the blond hair braided into strands behind her back or when she had stood in front of the mirror agonizing because her body hadn't developed as quickly as the rest of her girlfriends. But they had seen the woman she had become, the curves that had replaced her leanness, the generous breasts which had finally caught up with the rest of her and the suppleness of muscles honed by years spent running and swimming meshed with the feminine softness.

One in particular, Devlin couldn't keep his eyes off of her while he watched her. The other Jack teased him before leaving him alone. The roles they played in the lives of the women they met were much different, which meant they didn't compete for the same women. No, Jack had looked at Steffi, had taken in her unique scent and the decision had been made for him.

But for Devlin, he watched and waited before making his move. Just like he did tonight as he watched her walking down the beach with another girl who seemed perplexed in return.

"It was the most amazing dream Lynda," she said, "Almost as if he were real…I never knew guys like that existed."

Her friend snorted.

"How do you know they do," she said, "It's a dream after all. Besides do you think Lance would be happy to hear you're cheating on him in your sleep?"

Steffi thought about that.

"If you dream about someone else, how can that be cheating," she asked, "It's not like you can stop it."

Lynda rolled her eyes.

"If you're dreaming about some guy other than Lance, then that means that on some level, you're thinking about cheating on him."

"No it doesn't…it's just a dream after all…and dreams don't mean anything."

Lynda just chuckled and Devlin could hear that and he smiled to himself because he knew who Steffi had dreamed about even if she didn't know.

At least not yet.

He watched her walk with her friend, dressed in denim shorts and a flowery top, her blonde hair streaming back behind her. He smelled lilac, honey suckle and her…mingling in the salty air.

So pretty, so refreshingly open, the perfect woman for his latest training assignment. He just had to pick the right moment, the one where she wouldn't see him coming and once she did, wouldn't run away, the perfect woman for his latest training assignment. He just had to pick the right moment, the one where she wouldn't see him coming and once she did, wouldn't run away. But he knew he had grown highly skilled since he had first started training.

He knew she would find him gorgeous and that wasn't arrogance or overconfidence speaking. That was the truth because he had grown powerfully strong, with the intense physical training that hardened his body. His dark hair curled at the nape of his neck and he wore his black pants and tank top tightly across his olive skin which had tanned under the sun as he trained.

No woman had complained so far, in fact he had done quite well even his trainers had been impressed with him. But he still had much to prove, to even be close to someone like Jack who had left to go to contest for the assignment of the joining with another woman, a practice that appeared far removed from someone like Devlin. His genetic lines weren't deemed to be ripe enough.

But there were plenty of other uses for him.

Steffi had just said goodbye to her friend and had started to walk across the packed sand her back to the setting sun to her house while he just watched and waited.

Steffi woke in a deep sweat, the kind that soaked her down to the sheets, her heart racing and her pussy throbbing as if…but then the images started to recede and she struggled to grab hold of enough of them to remember her dream. She had been in the surf, up to her neck with waves moving through her, bobbing her off of her feet, before they brushed the sand again.

She'd looked up and seen him, swimming towards her, strong and sure until he stopped just in front of her, treading water too. His dark hair slicked back by the ocean and his strong shoulders hinting at a rugged build…she looked at him shyly as he started circling around her and then, suddenly he appeared inches away from her face. She felt his arms circle her, in a tight embrace, pulling her closer to him.

Then he had kissed her, seizing her mouth with his own as she felt his chest against hers, flattening her breasts, which suddenly felt bare. He lowered his face and kissed her neck, as she felt his hands pulling at her bikini bottoms, and suddenly, with a thrust of his hips, he thrust inside her…

She woke up at that point feeling somewhat let down…even as her heart pounded. Who was this mysterious man who didn't look anything like Lance, and why had he taken her like that in the ocean?

Steffi hit the pillow with her head again, trying to sleep but her mind lingered on what had been an amazing dream.

He watched her as she walked down the beach alone, while the sun prepared to set. Her shoulders were rounded almost as if she were in deep thought. She wore a bikini with a wrap around her and her hair looked as if the sun and breeze had dried it after a dip in the ocean.

Pretty soon she would be approaching the cave, where he would be ready. So young and ripe she looked, her skin tanned and her legs walking, wading in the tide that washed in, reaching higher and higher up into the sand eating into it. He imagined his hands on her bare skin, soft like a peach beneath his fingers, his breasts spilling over his hands, her nipples ripe for the tasting. And underneath her bikini, lay what he wanted, what he needed.

And in return, he would give her pleasure.

Steffi sighed as she walked along the beach, alone because Lance had canceled out on their date so she had turned to the ocean to soothe her as it often did, changing into her bikini and heading out to dive into the surf, disappearing under a wave. She swam for a while as the sun sunk lower on the horizon, breaking up the yellowish blue into a reddish orange that would descend into purple.

She loved the beach when the sun set and walking down the coast helped her reflect, the way the waning sun felt on her shoulders, her feet sinking into the sand. It didn't take her long to settle down and put aside her disappointment in Lance. Her hair and suit had dried quickly enough and she continued past where she usually walked, where the beach narrowed and became rockier and to her left, were some caves. She had never been inside of them as the officials warned that anyone who ventured inside of them might trigger a cave in and never be recovered.

That had been enough to keep her away from them, besides most likely they were dark and dirty but as she walked by, the setting sun to her right, she thought she saw something.

Or someone...

She gazed at the opening of one of the caves, and thought she saw a light glimmer, but when she focused her eyes on it, it disappeared. Probably her imagination, she thought but something stopped her from moving on. She looked back at the cave, and definitely saw movement that time.

Probably just an animal but curiosity tugged at her and she found her feet moving across deeper sand which forced her to push harder until she reached the cave. Then she noticed a shadow fall over her and looked around her, as dark clouds rushed in suddenly from the ocean, promising rain.

When only a moment earlier the sun had been shining, the sky a clear blue…still she knew that here, the weather could change on a dime. She looked back down the beach and sighed, a mile walk at least and even if she hurried…

Damn, the skies had ripened the scent of flowery rain and ozone permeated the air around her. She knew she had to get out of the rain and the cave ahead of her remained her only option, so she pushed harder in the sand as big fat drops of rain began to pelt her shoulders. Some of the rain evaporated in the heat, making the air feel heavy and damp.

As she neared the cave, she looked into the darkness and thought she heard a noise, almost like soft music. She looked back out into the rain and then rushed the last few steps inside, no longer hesitant.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the large chamber, of rock amazingly smooth, a high ceiling above her. Someone how light filled it from some unknown source.

And then he appeared, the man dressed in black, the fabric hugging his muscular frame. His hair curly and dark, like her dream, his mouth curving into a smile as he approached her…and she didn't move.

She suddenly felt like she couldn't budge. She should be nervous because here she had rushed inside a dark cave and there he stood and her last memory of him…she felt her skin heat up when she remembered her dream.

"Hello Steffi…"

She blinked her eyes.

"Who are you…and how do you know my name?"

He smiled.

"I know a lot about you…I've been watching and you've seen me too."

She sighed, her heart beating quickly…because what he said should creep her out but instead, she felt the prickles on the back of her neck turn into shards of pleasure at the way he looked at her right now.

"How did you know I was here?"

"I was here waiting for you," he said, "I'd knew you come."

She just looked at him, folding her arms.

"I didn't…It just started to rain all of a sudden."

He nodded, and the way he looked at her then, he had known about that too. She almost felt like backing away from him but what awaited her outside was the rain and the walk back to her house.

"You don't want to leave," he said, "You just got here."

She looked around the cave, marveling at how it appeared to have been carved out of rock. She saw what looked like furnishings but they only appeared that way after she looked at them a moment and they separated outside of the wall.

"Do you live here…?"

He followed a step behind her as she looked around the chamber.

"No…come with me and I'll show you the rest of it."

She stopped walking and looked at him.

"If you don't live here, how do you know enough to show me?"

"I stay here…sometimes when I meet beautiful women like yourself."

She tilted her face and smiled at the compliment.

"I don't even know you…or who you are…"

He looked straight at her.

"Oh you will…very soon."

She sighed.

"You seem confident in yourself but how do I know you won't hurt me?"

"You don't…but if you trust me, you'll find just the opposite," he said, "that I can make you feel very happy…wouldn't you like that?"

She bit her lip, thinking that she would but how could he make such promises, what did he really want? Her skin tingled at the possibility that she might find out. She knew she should be cautious and probably should turn around and leave, braving the rain but she didn't want to do that.

He smiled and his eyes stirred something deep inside of he, as she did follow him as he moved deeper into the cave. And what she saw there amazed her, a small lagoon of water, fed by a waterfall cascading down the rock race and across the swirling blue water stood a rope bridge.

When they reached it, she looked at it dubiously.

"That looks…"

"It's perfectly safe…just follow my footsteps."

So she did, very carefully and he walked slowly enough for her to follow closely. The bridge swayed slightly but she held onto the ropes and felt secure, and what lay on the other side, impressed her.

A gorgeously decorated room with a plush rug made out of some different furred animals, some book shelves filled with different titles, including classics and as she felt a lump in her throat, a good sized bed. She looked back at him.

"Who stays here?"

He looked at her, smiling slowly, his immense form suddenly behind her.

"I think you know…"

And then that's when she felt him gently ease the wrap she wore off of her shoulders from behind, just letting it fall on the floor, then he cupped her bikini covered breasts with his hands as he kissed her neck from behind. She felt something thick against her lower back, and the moisture of his mouth approach one of her ears. Her skin tingled pleasurably.

She could hear his steady breathing as he gently squeezed her breasts, pulling her even closer.

"What are you doing," she said, trying to turn around to face him.

"Getting to know you," he said, then he broke away, "but I'm not being a proper host. Would you like something to eat or drink?"

She saw some food on a low table, and a decanter which he picked up and poured a pungent smelling liquid into a class, handing it to her.

She took it but looked at him puzzled.

"I hadn't answered that question…."

He just smiled, his eyes appearing more than a bit calculated.

"Oh, but you'll like it very much…just take a sip and you'll see."

She watched him carefully then but she did sip it and once the nectar hit her tongue, all kinds of flavors swam through her, different tropical fruits she couldn't identify and then the headiness followed. She drank more, each sip luring her onto the next until it was empty and he took the glass from her.

"How do you feel," he asked softly.

She thought about it but found her thinking muddled. Her body felt warm and almost electric as her nerves came to life. God, what had been in it, because she felt wanton, when she gazed upon him now. Her body itched and parts of her began a slow burn and she knew that the time for her to walk away had passed.

He just looked at her and knew that she had ripened for him and became ready to fuck. His own body felt on fire, the familiar drives pushing him, his pants tightening as he imagined her beneath him on the bed, begging him to fuck her. He moved towards her again, and cupped his hand beneath her chin and before she could say anything, pulled her towards his mouth. When he touched her lips, she felt the zing of something powerful shoot through her, a touch of sting and then her muscles relaxed where they had been taut and giddiness filled her then.

Not enough to make her laugh, but enough to make her want more of what he had given her. He kissed her more deeply then, the suction over her mouth complete, waves of joy slipped between her lips and through her body. She wrapped her arms around him almost before being aware of it and kissed him back just as hard, more desperate than she ever knew. His body pressed against hers and she felt something hard move against her even through his clothes and looked up at him suddenly.

"Shhh…Steffi it's okay…what you feel will fill you with more pleasure than you can stand."

"I…you're not Lance…"

Her conscience had caught up with her desire for what he had to give her, so he simply smiled.

"No I'm not…but I'm here…"

He kissed her thoroughly then and she felt him slip something between her lips, which must be his tongue, right? Only it felt different than when other guys had French kissed her. This tongue prodded its way insistently past her lips and once inside, a tang of all kinds of old flavors, fragrant hit her, and gamy filled her. That part of him slithered around her mouth with a life of its own and she groaned as it tickled her mouth, tantalized her to open her mouth wider.

Images filled her of the two of them writhing on the bed, his body pushing against her, her knees grabbing his waist. Wait a minute here, her rationale spoke up, how well do you know this guy that you followed into a cave? She hadn't ever been the kind of woman who'd go off with a stranger to bed but here she stood, while he kissed her in a way no man had done before The more his lips possessed hers, the more she wanted from him.

He reached behind her, his lips still on hers and fiddled with her bikini strap and before she knew it, her bikini dropped when he pulled away to look at her breasts. Mounds of creamy softness in front of him, the tips hardening in a way that caused him to nearly lose control and not push her down on the rugs and push himself inside of her before she could even know to ask what he had done. But he remembered his training, in restraining his most basal impulses. So he simply reached out to caress her nipples that stood in supplication to be touched.

She watched him, as he teased those nipples, feeling them harden. He removed his own top and she saw his olive skinned chest, covered with clusters of darkened hair, which now she reached out to touch, to tug at gently with her fingers, while watching him watch her exploration.

Damn he loomed huge before her, his shoulders firm and his abs tight, did he do a lot of training to look like that? Lance did triathlons when he didn't work as a lifeguard but he looked like a couch potato next to this guy.

He didn't spend as much time on her breasts as she would have liked, his breath came harder and he smoothed his rough hands over her chest and her waist, clutching her there, bringing her close to him for another deep kiss, skin to bare skin. She marveled at how the hairs of his chest, brushed against her sensitive nipples, causing her to nearly bite her lip. Her pussy throbbed, wetting her panties.

"I'm not going to hurt you Steffi but I need you now…and you want me…I know you do."

She looked up at him and shrugged.

"I…I shouldn't be doing this with you," she said, "Lance…"

"I told you he's not here with us," he said, "Tonight there's just the two of us and that bed over there. I'm going to give you more pleasure that you won't remember you knew a Lance."

She just shook her head, marveling at her cockiness. It should have pissed her off as it did when Lance tried that on her but she just accepted it from the man in front of her. He kissed all of her sense right out of her, each time he caressed her mouth with his own, she felt more languid. Her own blood feeling hot in pace with him…and it drove her not to pull away. What she was doing with this stranger, it was crazy and reckless but if she cared earlier, she found that now all she wanted was him, giving her the pleasure he promised.


She didn't know what to say next, as she felt him push her bikini bottoms off of her hips and down her legs. They dropped to the ground she thought, not paying them much mind because those eyes of his…they dared her to leave them. He sunk to the ground slowly, his mouth devouring her, kissing and licking at her abdomen, then just above her bikini line, then she sucked in her breath as his mouth crossed that line, and his warm breath blew against the downy curls and she waited in anticipation for what she knew would follow.

He held her still while his mouth suckled on the pinkish lips hidden in those curls and she gasped. Guys had stroked her with their clumsy fingers but none of them had dared further than that, Oral sex just didn't seem to be in their vocabularies but this man clearly craved it as much as she did. He thrust his tongue inside her then, and she pushed his head closer to her, as she fought to keep her legs from buckling.

"You taste…like heaven."

Okay, what a line she thought as he returned to stroking her clitoris with his tongue that rasped against it…in a way that made her shiver…then plucking at the pleasurable spot with his lips, and she clawed at him then.


He stopped then to look up at her.

"I'm not him, not even close…"

"Then what…"

But he had returned to tormenting her with his mouth against her most intimate part and then the waves came crashing in, with pleasure shaking her so much that she almost let go and allowed it to take her back out to sea.

"Oh….I can't…"

"Yes you can….just let yourself go…and give in."

She did just then, her body relaxing as he thrust his tongue inside of her pussy which welcomed him, as convulsions vibrated through her so suddenly that she stopped thinking, and this time she did collapse.

But before she could fall, he picked her up in his arms and moved towards the bed…and looking up, she saw the urgency in his eyes. Her climaxing under his tongue had pushed him to the edge…and a chill moved through her wondering if he would surrender to his own wants. He dropped her on the bed, and she lay there, naked and vulnerable, her orgasm still pulsating through her, slick and wild, she felt between her thighs.

"I've got something for you Steffi…and now I'm going to show you…"

He unbuckled his pants and pushed them down over his thighs, leaving him with briefs that couldn't even be able to hide what lay underneath. Her eyes widened as she saw his erection push against the fabric almost as if it had a life of its own.


He didn't answer her with words but he pulled down his briefs and she saw his toned abs, the trail of hair down to a bed of it where standing out from it stood his erect penis. Only it didn't look like any penis she had seen but then again, her experience had been somewhat limited in that area. She sat up to look at it closer, as it hung in front of her.

But still, most penises she had seen were long when erect and thick in girth, different shades of color and the balls were coupled beneath them. But this…he was beyond huge, and thick…the mushroom tip led to a veined shaft that she didn't think she could wrap one hand around and his balls hung tightly. Then she saw something she hadn't ever seen before, nubs on the shaft that had just appeared.

She reached out to touch him to touch those nubs and he hissed suddenly.

"Be careful…or you might be in for more than you bargained for…"

Oh she knew she was already in trouble, if she thought that erection would fit inside of her but she touched it, and felt it move…she looked up at him.

He just smiled, and pushed her back on the mattress.

"Tonight you will have all kinds of chances to explore it…but now I just need you too damn much…"

She lay on the bed, her legs slightly splayed as he lowered himself on her slowly, carefully. She barely felt his weight push her into the mattress, his hand move her thighs further apart.

"Wrap them around me…"

She did, her knees gripping his hips as she braced herself for what it would be like when he penetrated her for the first time. But he kissed her first, lazily, his tongue invading her mouth, filling her with those flavors that calmed her breathing, almost leaving her feeling sleepy.

Yet her body was too wired for that. Her eyes widened as she felt the tip of his erection find her pussy. Her thighs had tingled as it had brushed past them towards its goal.

"Grab onto me tight…so you won't get lost."

She did that and then he kissed her harder, and her pussy tingled, it throbbed and it burned, it craved to be invaded…and when his first thrust came, it pushed into her pussy. She felt his hips move hard beneath where her hands held onto him and oh god, she felt the burn, the sting of her pussy being stretched quickly and fully, as he slid inside of her wetness.

"Yes…take what I've got…"

She sighed as he pushed further, deeper inside to her center. He bucked against her, pushing her against the mattress. She felt his fullness stretch and stretch and she bit her lip wondering when she'd start feeling this pleasure he promised.

And then the nubs on his penis rubbed against her, scraping her passage that hugged him, and the burning turned to the sheerness of elation that threatened to tear her apart. God, what had just happened, her pussy pulsated, as his penis thrust and then withdrew, leaving her sighing with the pleasure of him filling her…splitting her wide open. Rawness emerged, as he grabbed her ass pulling her even closer.

"Tell me what you want Steffi…," he whispered in her ear.

She sighed, her mind not focusing on anything but the pleasure, as he thrust inside her over and over, the friction produced by the nubs on his shaft, sending shards of pleasure which ripped through every vestige of composure she had left.

"Fuck me…that's all I want…," she gasped, "hard and fast."

He upped the tempo and she clawed his skin with her fingernails, leaving crescent shape marks as he growled while he pumped into her…his penis moving further into her, after each retreat. Her knees tightened against him, holding him in place not that he had any intentions of going anywhere, and then he shifted his position and the rapture began all over again.

She screamed and it filled the cavern which held it closely as its secret from the world outside. The mattress creaked with their movement together, and suddenly she felt that final push into the brink, the dark abyss and she screamed even harder, as he arched his own back and his howl joined hers, his semen spurted liquid heat inside her, as the waves of pleasure, molten joy spread through her, flowing from her pussy towards the rest of her. Their bodies remained locked as he shuddered on top of her, his penis still inside of her…the current of his own heat branding her, as he kissed her mouth hungrily still.

Finally, he lay spent, on top of her as her own breathing struggled to match his, their hearts already in tandem. She felt a wave of sleepiness hit her and she fought to keep her eyes open, snug in his embrace. He rolled over pulling her on top of him and stroked her back as the last ripples of sensation slipped into her.

"Sleep my love…just close your eyes and let go…"

And a smile curved on her face as she did…fall asleep in the embrace of the man who had taken her places she had never been.

He smiled as he held her for when she woke up after her restful nap, she would find herself back with him, for he had a long journey to make and had been in search of a woman who would match his pleasure to help him wile a way the long hours, upon days in his bed. Doing all kinds of unimaginable things, fed each time by his own brand of drug to keep wanting what only he could give her.

He stroked the back of the woman he had chosen and thought she'd do just fine in her new life.