June 2, 2020

Hello, dear readership,

This is your author speaking! This beloved story of mine has treated me over the years so well, and I thank all of you for being so wonderful and taking the time to read through Kaspar and Aleksi's tale. I will leave up the story so as to preserve its memory and reviews, but I must remove it, because I have published the story on Amazon!

This was a big decision, because since I started this story when I was just a wee 15 years old, the story has some decidedly dubious passages in store. However it was a story that took several years to completely refine and finish, and is thus the very first novel, with a comprehensive story line and structure, ready-to-read, I've completed (aside from a a particularly lengthy fanfiction from days past).

Whilst upon my travels I came across the idea of fueling my lifestyle through authorship. And I thought, well, I'm already quite the writer, aren't I? After all, I wrote this story!

And because I hadn't the energy to write a completely different book, I offered the internet my Fictionpress child. And so I thank you, reader! For believing in me throughout this journey of writing Aleksiā€¦

The book has made $3.00 so far, so I am still in the infancy stages of marketing and publicizing and so on. After all, the book is so ancient, I barely remember what happens! But going through the pages again, I laugh, I cry, I smile, because their story, even while its whimsical and messy, it's very cute. And your reviews, your feedback, made writing the story so worth it, that I'm leaving its skeleton up for those to see its history preserved - proof of its inception.

Thank you once again for your support, dear readership of Fictionpress, and I look forward to hearing from you!

"K. A. Fox".