Summary: Ian Summers is now sixteen his life will be turned upside down;strange nightmares assault him,and he becomes more violent. When he learns he has another soul living in his body,he will have to learn how to contain it or be consumed by it. Learning as much as he can from the riddles his other self throws at him, he will learn what his true intentions are, and that he will do anything to take over Ian. But when Ian begins to be attacked by strange creatures, he will tap into his dual's powers, although he won't be able to use them without a price. Will Ian survive?

My mind is mired in fog, I can't feel, can't breathe, can't move...falling into oblivion...and...SMACK! The high pitched sound stopped echoing in my head, I groaned, that was the second alarm clock I busted in three weeks.

I sat up on my bed, seven am, damn, it was way to early for me.

I'm Ian Summers, and right now I'm facing another boring day of school ahead of me, perfect.

One of my favorite things to do is sleep, so when I drop in my bed I expect to have a good night; that hasn't been the case for a few days. That alone puts me on edge, angry and moody. I also feel the need to hit someone, no matter who it is.

Still fighting with myself to get up, I noticed how I was sweating and how my t-shirt was sticking to my skin, making it itch.

Finally convincing my body to get out of bed I walked past my stereo and TV to reach my bathroom.

Today was starting out just great; I had the same nightmare that I've been having since I turned sixteen, which was nine days ago, but it always ends at the same hour...because of my alarm clock and I'm actually thankful for waking up from the nightmare, not so much to have to go to school.

I looked at my reflexion in the mirror and was glad when I didn't see bags under my hazel eyes.

I washed my face and cleaned it with a black towel, after I went back to my room to search for some clothes. I opened the first drawer and grabbed the first shirt I saw, but then I spotted red on it.

"Oh come on!" I protested out loud.

I threw it across my room and searched for something that wasn't stained with blood. I had almost given up hope when I got a clean, orange, baggy, sweatshirt. I then reached for a pair of black jeans and got my socks and boxers. I would have to wash those clothes or I would run out of stuff to wear, that just ain't cool!

I walked into the bathroom and closed the door.