I filled myself with courage, while taking what he told me in-How do I get out of here?-I decided to ask, it didn't seem I would get out of here on my own.

-You can't get out, until I let you.-he stated trying to contain laughter, I was pissed at this guy.

-Then let me out.-I said through gritted my teeth.

-I don't feel like it.-he said bored and took a step back.

-What you mean you don't feel like it?-I asked enraged and right then I noticed it was getting easy to breath and some of my energy was coming back.

-Because I've been stuck here for sixteen years,-he had been here since I was born? I couldn't care less, right now-I have all these powers I could land to you,-he said smugly-but I don't because I don't like you.-he smirked at me-Tell you what, let's play a game.-he talked to me as if I was a five year old and he was the adult, I wanted to punch him so bad-If you win I let you out.-I knew this had a "but if...".

-But if you win?-I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

-If I win I get control of our body, for a day.-he finished with a smile itched across his lips.

I thought for a while trying to keep some of the anger down; He said he has been trapped inside of my, huh, our body for sixteen years...I guess it wouldn't hurt...I hope-Fine.-I muttered extending my hand-Is it a deal?-I asked making sure.

-It's a deal.-he assured shaking my hand and letting go afterward; He walked a little and stood with his back turned to me.

-So what's the game already!?-I asked annoyed and impatiently, I was dying to get out of...my mind, it sounded so weird; when he gave no response I started walking towards him, once I reached him he turned around swiftly.

-Let's play a game of cat and mouse.-he smiled very amused with the game while I gave away an inquiring facade-By the way your the mouse, you have ten seconds to try and run away if you can keep me from touching you for two minutes you win. Starts now.-I looked kind of freaked for a moment, but when he said "one" I knew he was starting counting, without anymore hesitation, I ran.


Don't get me wrong I'm a good runner, but he seems to know everywhere I hide! Maybe he does if we share the same mind then our thoughts would be connected, different soul, same body and mind, fantastic. This all sounded crazy to me, but it looked pretty real. "How long have I been running anyway?"

-One minute and two seconds.-the too familiar voice sounded from behind me, I spun around-What's wrong? Tired?-he asked mockingly, I took two steps back, he took two closer to me, I took three this time around, but I hit a mirror; I was just about to run to my left or my right but two mirrors materialized on both sides of me, keeping me caged between them; my look-a-like was in front of me I didn't have anywhere to run.

-That's cheating!-I hissed looking at his irritating facial expression.

He let out a laugh and walked towards me, he stood in front of me, although he didn't touch me-Cheating?-I nodded-I never said I couldn't use whatever control I have of our mind.-I growled-You should have asked, Ian.-he finished; that had been the last drop, I aimed a punch at him, and I hit his face, he didn't flinch-Was that your best?-he sounded in a low voice-My turn.-he stated, before I knew it, a powerful punch hit my torso, I was sent flying backwards smashing the mirror behind me in a thousand pieces; I landed on all the shattered pieces of the former mirror, some of them dug painfully into my skin.

I groaned as I opened my eyes, the guy as towering over me, I looked quite impressed mixed with pain, of course, and maybe...fear?

-Looks like I got the mouse.-he said unreadable once more-Now you have to stay here for a day.-my eyes widened, I thought of what he would do, I mean, the guy just punched with tremendous force and my punch was nothing. I really should have thought it through before accepting the game!

-You can watch, through there.-he pointed toward a very refined mirror and probably the biggest one around-If I let you watch.-I fought the pain and struggled to stand up, annoyed by my struggle he pulled me up and steadied me by my shirt collar.

I glared at him-You said I controlled our body.-I coughed, he looked at me and I coughed again, blood came out, it spattered across his black shirt, a trail of blood made it's way down my chin.

He stared now at his wet shirt, he scrunched his nose-Maybe I should go for a bite...-I gaped-It was a joke.-he looked back at me-To bad healing isn't one of my powers.-he lamented falsely.

He started to drag me with him to the big mirror-I didn't say what day I wanted control, so,-he let me drop on the ground, I coughed, the air in my lungs was squeezed out due the impact, I took the best breath I could-I'll let you out, but when I want, I'll take over.-he said looking down at me with an annoying smirk-It can be any day, any minute, second, hour, you get the picture.-he finished by bending down and grab my arm, lifting me up and after he threw me through the mirror.

Shooting upright in bed I took in my surroundings; my room, it was only my room...the light that entered through the window suggested five in the morning, I sighed and coughed, instantly I stared at my body; dried blood stained my skin, cuts with small shards of broken mirror in them... "It wasn't a dream..." my hand shot up to my head, it hurt probably from the lack of sleep from the last days.

Trying my best to move without causing pain, to my already injured body, I got up slowly and carefully steadied myself; I made my way to the bathroom, not really happy with the state I was in. Once I arrived, I sat down and started pulling the mirror shards. One after another I pulled them out, then through them outside the window which I accidentally had let open; that done I cleaned the cuts and exited the bathroom, I turned off the lights, making my way over to my bed, I saw the sheets with minor blood stains, I shrugged, like I cared, it was my blood after all.

So, Ian met his dual! Things can only go bad for Ian right now... I hope you enjoyed it.

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