Dear Miss Hive:

It is my pleasure to extend the following offer of employment to you on behalf of Marion High. This offer is contingent upon your passing our mandatory drug screen, our receipt of your college transcripts, and any other contingencies you may wish to state.


Hayley P.O.V

Back Home

Two words I never thought I would say or even think. Since I was 16, I set my mind on leaving my home town. My father was cruel and disrespectful to me and I wasn't appreciated completely by my so called group of friends. My statement of leaving home was always laughed, for they said that I was too weak to even speak for myself and do as I wish.

To this end, when senior year began, I started looking and applying for every university far away enough from the life I was born in and the after the graduation, at my one of my friend graduation party where all family and friends were, I announced that I had been accepted to a university where I would be far away. My words along with my whole life were laughed at.

That night I left early, like it was already planned and left, never looking back until now.

I was naïve back then; I believed that the person I loved will come to love me when I grew up. Now I know that I was stupid to believe so. He was like me; with the same dream of being notice by the person he thought it was right for him. The different between him and me, was that he expressed his feelings to the whole world. He was admired by everyone, and loved by many.

He was my stone for so many years and he is the one I'm thankful for my change. He inspired me to speak my mind and be open of which I am.

Now I'm back 6 years later. I'm not exactly the same person I once was, I still have things that resemble who I was but I've come to where I am being who I am. I do not stutter anymore but I'm still quiet. I do not keep quiet about my opinion but I do not yell. I do not shy away when I have to meet new people but I'm still a nice person.

That's just who I am.

Now I'm here, once again. In a town where I swore to never come back, unpacking my bags in my new apartment. No one knows I'm back, not even my own family, I'm back on my own.

The last mover has placed my last box in my living room, as I stand outside feeling slightly nervous. Not only was I back to my home town, but I was going back to hell itself, Marion High.

I've come to conclude that my coming back is for closure on my old self. It something I need to continue and tell my own self that it was the right thing to do.

"Thank You" I said to the last mover as he walked away. I watched as the white moving truck drove away. I breathe in the cold air of Marion, Oregon. Oh had I forgotten how cold this place was. I hugged my lilac coat to warm myself more.

"Hello again Marion" I whispered softly. A giggled escaped my lips as I looked down at the far ground. The eight floors were colder than she thought. "Come on Hayley, let's start unpacking" I said to myself. I turned around and reached to my door.

"Hayley? Is that you?"

His voice was too familiar, making my body frozen with surprise. Of all people, why did he have to see me?