xXXXx-Chapter 2-xXXXx

"Hey Hayley? Hayley" The male called for me, rushing over to where I was. I thought about running inside and pretend that it never happened, but what were the chances of me not running into him again.

Marion was a small town; everyone knew everyone and secrets were gossip. I don't know what made me thought that I would have the chance of not running into anyone.

I took a deep breath and turn around to face the male who was now standing before me. "Hello Mike" I said, a gentle smile on my lips.

Mike Murray, one of two of my best friend back in middle school. A time where everything was fine, and I was happy with the people that were around me.

Back in middle school days, the people that made my life hell in high school were my group of friends. They say high changes people, and they are right. Each one of my friends left my side one by one and became someone I didn't know anymore. Even though they were beside me, it was like they kept me there for them to feel better than they were. I was their loser.

"Hayley" He said my name once again. His face was full with wonder and surprise.

"Yes?" I said.

"You're back" He stated.

"Yes, I am. I was offered a job in Marion High as an English teacher" I explained.

"It's so good to see you" He said as he threw himself on me and hugged me, taking me by surprise.

"It's good to see you as well" I said, patting his back.

"Does anyone know you're here?" Mike asked.

"Nope. You are the first one" I said, shifting my body to one leg and crossing my arms.

"Serious? God everyone will die when they see you are back!" Mike grinned.


"Wait! Jase, JASE!!! JASE" Mike said as he ran pass me, to the door next to the right of mine.

"Jase?" I asked to myself as I turned around. Mike knocked on the door loudly as he called for Jase's name. In a quick motion, the door opened and Mike fell on his face.

"What do you want Mike?" A tall pale sunglasses wearing man asked, his voice with calm and annoyance.

"Hayley is here!" Mike grinned as he jumped on his feet. Jase turned his head towards me and stared in silence.

"Hello Jase" I said, the same small smile I gave Mike playing on my lips.

"Hayley" He whispered. He walked to where I was and embraced me in a tight hug. Like Mike, I also patted his back.

When had they become huggers?

"So, you guys are both my neighbors?" I asked, as I step out of Jase's hug.

"Next door neighbors" Mike said. "The rest are in the other floor"

"The rest? What rest?"

"The others Hayley" Mike laughed. "And now that you're here, we are a big happy family! Just like before"

"Nothing like before" I thought.

"Who's are the rest Mike?" I asked, ignoring the previews statement.

"Well… You're cousin Cedric; Abril and Cale are all leaving in the 3rd floor.

"James, Irene and Bo are on the 10th" Shino said.

"And Wade, Eve and Kylan are in floor 7" Mike said.

All of them were here? Why was life so mean to me?

"Uhhh wow that's a… uh coincidence" I giggled nervously.

"Not really? Wade and Cedric convinced Wade's dad and you're dad to let us all live here" Mike shook his head. "Isn't that why you are here?"

"No" I said. "What did you mean by Wade and Cedric convinced Wade's dad and you're dad to let us all live here?'"

"They own this place. That's why I thought you knew" Mike raised his eyebrow.

"Oh… no. Me and my father haven't spoken since I left Marion. I only got a letter from him when he changed his will and took me off" I explained.

I could see on their faces that they were surprise, but the day I received that letter I was not. My father was never too fond of me because I was weak and disgrace to the family name, I always knew he wanted to take me off, but he cared more on what people might have thought. So when I left he saw the perfect opportunity to take me out without being judge.

"Well I guess you were just lucky that you picked the building with all your friends" Mike grinned.

"I wouldn't call it luck" I said under my breath.


"Nothing!" I said smiling.

"Anyways, we are meeting the others at a small coffee shop right in front. Want to come and see everyone?" Mike asked.

"No!" I said a little too quickly and loud. "I mean I can't because I have to start unpacking"

"Ok! Another time!" Mike said.

"Yeah. I'll see you guys around" I said. I gave them one last smile and entered my home. "What I mess" I sigh.

Hours later, after I unpacked half of my things, I decide to go and get something to eat. I put on my, coat and left my messy warm home.

As I walked down the streets of Marion, I notice that nothing had changed since I left. My feet led the way, for they know where I wanted to go.

It wasn't long when I found myself on front of the best restaurant I know in this town. A small soup restaurant where my crush use to come every day along with the others. It never bothered me to come here almost every day, the food was amazing.

I smiled and quickly made my way through the curtains only to bump in to someone chest.

"I'm sorry" I said as I rubbed my forehead. Whoever I dump into had a well form chest.

"Hayley?" I heard the stranger call my name. His voice was familiar for my heart started pounding loudly.

I looked up and gasped.


xXXXx-End Of Chapter-xXXXx