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meine Fuehrer= my guide
dummkopf= imbecile (though it has other meanings too)
verdammt= damn it (or blast it. There is one other one, but I won't put here)
schuljunge= school boy

Heh. I know my German is awful; I just got it off of the Google Translator, kay?

Chapter 2

"Ahh...I know I blew that test..." Virtus sighed. About a week had passed since the almost fatal accident with the car. Virtus had done his best returning to a normal life that he knew. Today, he had taken a test in what he considered his worst subject, History.

"Pfft...please. You always say crap like that and you STILL end up with, like, the highest score of the whole class!" Lupus barked in laughter, "But all joking aside, what was that answer to number 13? Y'know, the one with Napoleon Boneparte? When was he born again? A-and what time did he rule France?"

Virtus answered quickly, "Boneparte was born on August 15, 1769 and he ruled as Napoleon I from 1804 to 1815. How could you have not remembered that?"

"Eh heh heh, of course I knew that! I was just testing you, that's all!" Lupus glanced quickly at the parking lot where all the seniors and juniors parked their cars. "Oi, Virtus. You ever notice the same car in the parking lot these days...?"

"What, you mean just the seniors cars? What about 'em?"

Lupus whipped back around and mockingly glared at him, "No, not their cars, fool!" He turned and pointed to the sleek black car in the lot. "I mean that car."

"H-hey! That's the same car that almost hit me last week!" Virtus gasped, "Damn! What'd I do to make that guy mad at me? So much that now he's stalking me..." Lupus began to walk briskly over to the black car, looking as nonchalant as possible. Virtus stumbled the first step he took, but eventually got Lupus' drift.

When they got to the car, Lupus knocked on the window casually. It rolled down to reveal a 19 year old driver with blonde hair and sunglasses over his eyes. Lupus asked, "'Scuse me, but could you answer me a few questions? Really quickly?"

"Eh...sure...I guess," was the accented reply that came.

"First off, why are you coming here all the time? Surely you can't still be going to school."

"...No comment."

"Ok, next question, were you the one who almost hurt my friend here by nearly running him over in that pretty car of yours?"

"...No comment."

Lupus growled, "I believe I asked you to answer my questions, not to say nothing."

"...No comment."

The silver haired teen sighed, narrowing his amber eyes, "Ok. Last question. Who hired you and why are you trying to kill Virtus?"

Wait...kill me? This guy wants to kill me? Who the hell is he and what did I do to him? Virtus thought quickly.

"...No comment."

"'re really pissing me off, buddy."

"Ach...I don't have time for this, you dummkopf," the driver said softly, beginning to roll up his window and starting the car. Lupus grabbed the door handle and yanked it open, pulling the German out of the car fiercely. People passing by stopped and stared at the scene before them.

"What did you call me, buddy? Are you challenging me?" Lupus hissed, holding the German by the collar of his shirt.

The blonde grasped Lupus' hand and growled, "It means 'imbecile,' verdammt!" Dark energy sprouted from his body, illuminating the surroundings with a black light and emitting a huge bang of noise. The innocent bystanders all began to run and scream. Virtus was knocked back by a shock wave that came after the light. The blast also knocked Lupus off his feet.

"What the hell? Who or what are you, you German bastard?" Lupus yelled over the noise. A strand of darkness, sharp as a knife, whipped at his face, leaving a small cut.

The German laughed evilly and said, "I'll answer both questions, dummkopf! My name is Kalem and I am a Fallen!" More darkness slashed at Lupus, leaving more and more cuts. The silver haired teen gritted his teeth in pain.

"Lupus! Why aren't you running?" Virtus shouted, desperately making his way to his bleeding friend through the darkness. Kalem turned and eyed Virtus slowly.

"Keh. I can't believe meine Fuehrer vants me to kill you..." Kalem sighed, running a hand through his hair, "You? Ze Caller? Hah! Vhat a load of crap. You look nothing more zan your average schuljunge!"

Kalem summoned a dark puppet that looked exactly Virtus, only it was completely black. The white haired teen cried out in surprise when the shadow swung a fist at him.

"H-hey! What the hell?" The shadow moved much faster than Virtus himself, almost disappearing one moment and reappearing the next. The dark Virtus managed to strike the real Virtus in the jaw. He hit the ground with a 'thud' and skidded across the asphalt, scraping the side of his face.

Lupus turned to see Virtus slam into the ground. He called, "Virtus! Are you okay?" Then, suddenly, a spear of darkness flew from his shadow and stabbed him in the back and out his stomach. "Kuh!" he gasped, retching and spitting up blood.

"Ach...I know who you are, now. You're zat Lupus Coda, aren't you? Ze Wolf of ze Callers? Or vhat about ze Lapdog of Justice? Zhose names sound familiar to you, ja?" Kalem laughed, "How pathetic. You haven't even released any of you're power yet, have you? Vhy don't you? At least zat vay, you von't die vithout a fight."

"Che. The 'Lapdog of Justice?' How..." Lupus began softly. He started to tear at the shadow that had impaled him, eventually ripping it apart and shouting, "HOW DISGUSTINGLY CATCHY!" Lupus emitted a light of his own, a bright silver, benign light. When the light stopped, what stood in Lupus' place was a towering silver wolf. Standing about six feet tall, covered from shinning muzzle to fluffy tail in silver fur, gold eyes blazing, Lupus was ready to take out the shadow bearing Fallen.

Back at Virtus' home, the cat, Sorrel, stood outside, glaring in the direction of the dark energy Kalem was giving off. Sorrel was no ordinary cat. He was really a Summon under Virtus' command.

How interesting...a Fallen? Here? In today's age? Very interesting...I hope Virtus figures out how to summon me and call forth my true power, Sorrel thought. He lifted a paw and flattened his ears. In my current state, I'm no more powerful than the average tabby cat! Damn... His deep thoughts were interrupted by the call of Kristal for Sorrel to get food. The tabby leaped over to the window and crawled through like a lithe snake.

"Here you go, Sorrel," Kristal said lovingly, placing his food dish down. She stroked the cat and went to turn on the radio. Sorrel began to eat and thought, Ugh...I don't know how much longer I can continue to stomach this...this...pig sty food! Disgusting...

"And now, and interesting story today. Somehow, an unusual anomaly has started at Boulder High School. A dark, how should I say, spherical shield has been erected in the parking lot. Some witnesses say two students from the school are said to have been caught inside the shield..." the radio man said, his voice crackling over the speakers.

"Oh, dear, I wonder where Virtus is...he would have been here by now..." Kristal murmured to herself, "I sure hope he's okay..."

"Wha...What the...?" Virtus muttered, staring at his friend that had turned into a wolf. He couldn't wrap his mind around how his friend could be a huge silver wolf. The wolf form of Lupus clashed with Kalem heroically. Due to his absentminded gaping, his shadow took the opportunity to attack, slashing at Virtus' heart. A quick foot adjustment made all the difference, as the attack would have split the white haired teen's chest open. The actual damage was a long but shallow scratch.

"Shaaaa...doowwww..." the shadow hissed, licking blood off of it's claws. It lunged again, slashing this time at Virtus' gut, yet not causing as much damage as was intended. The next attack was more successful. The shadow slashed down at his double's head, leaving a gash starting from Virtus' mid forehead, crossing the bridge of his nose, and ending on his left cheek.

Blood streaming from his wounds, Virtus fell to one knee, cursing. "Okay...y'know what? THAT'S IT! YOU'RE THROUGH!" he shouted angrily, a new power bursting forth.

'You're through'...huh, how catchy! Sorrel thought with amusement, But, I'm not complaining. I'm ready to fight! The tabby glowed blue, sprang away from the apartment, and began to run towards the source of the dark aura.

The shadow cocked his head like a confused dog and stared at Virtus. It shrugged off it's confusion and prepared to finish off it's target. Without warning, a huge glowing ball of fur and light landed in front of Virtus, snarling and hissing. The dark double jumped back in time to avoid a swipe from the cat. Virtus looked up at the back of the huge animal.

It turned it's great head and stared at the white haired teen with it's piercing amber eyes. It said, "Virtus, I am here to help you by vanquishing this foe." It took a moment, but Virtus realized that the great cat before him was a larger version of his cat, Sorrel.

"Sorrel? Is that you? Or am I hallucinating?" Virtus asked cautiously. The shadow scoffed and lunged at the weakened Virtus. Sorrel whipped his head back to the shadow and yowled fiercely. He jumped, startling the shadow. A shinning orb of light began to form above the opaque jewel set in his forehead.

"Now be destroyed, by the power of light!" Sorrel snarled, throwing his head down, releasing the orb. The shadow, petrified, could not look away or run away from the orb of light. The sphere crushed the shadow, obliterating the darkness around the whole group.

Kalem, distracted from his battle with Lupus, stared disbelievingly at the cat and Virtus. No vay! Zat kid...he really is ze Caller!

"Oi! Pay attention, you damned Fallen!" Lupus barked, leaping at the shadow wielder. Kalem glared at the wolf and jumped away from the clumsy attack. Black wings emerged from the German's back.

" appears I've failed meine Fuehrer again. Very vell," Kalem muttered to himself. He flapped his wings to fly away from the dog, the cat, and the yellow eyed male. " I can see vhy meine Fuehrer is so interested in you." As he flew higher, he called, "You stay alive now, Virtus Vocatus! You as vell, Lupus Coda!" By then, he was a small speck in the sky. After Kalem had disappeared, Lupus turned back into his human form and collapsed.

"Lupus! Are you...okay...?" Virtus began to shout, but he too fell to the ground, unconscious. Sorrel gently picked up his master and the wolf in his mouth and craned his neck to put the two on his back. He turned back to see the long haired man striding towards the bedraggled group. He was middle aged, tanned skin, with some stubble growing on his chin. Dressed in a original Japanese garb and walking with wooden sandals, he stopped when the cat lay down, bowing his head.

"Hey, now. You don't have to do that, y'know. I don't exactly have my royal title anymore," the man said.

Sorrel raised his head and meowed, "Well, actually, it was kind of a favor I was asking you, Chiyu..."

"Ah, okay. I can heal the new Caller and the Lapdog, if ya want," Chiyu Kotei said, scratching his dark gold hair, "We'll take 'em to my place, ya?"