Reaper Ex Magus


Nikita and I found ourselves speechless.

In the center of the library, bathed in a beam of light, was the most beautiful creature I have feasted my eyes upon. She was seated silently atop a pile of books. Long blonde hair flows down her delicate shoulders. Deep blue eyes of utter perfection stare silently at the two of us, as an intricate halo of white hovers above her head, not looking the least out of place. Then finally, flowing down behind the blondeness of her hair is a pair of white, feathery wings.

Within the massive library was a creature that many magi merely read about, but never see.

As I sat silent with her, and as the woman stared into my eyes, the feeling of an ephemeral serenity passed within my very soul. Because, even as I once lived my life as a god of death, I have never seen a beauty so perfect.

For before us stood the unimaginable.

An Angel.


: As the Curtains Open


In this world, there is a hierarchy to everything.

A theist will view the hierarchy of existence, for example, in a manner similar to the following.

Above everything is God.

He is seated in heaven, on His throne. He is surrounded by His angels.

Beneath those angels is mortal man.

The story goes that God created man in His image. He gave man the world to live in, the animals to tend to, etcetera, etcetera…

The theory of creation is pretty much known by everyone. There is no need to go into every detail. The main point I am trying to share, is that God is at the top of the pyramid. Beneath Him are His angels, and beneath those angels are human beings.

But, you see, while most mortals live thinking that they were made after God's image, or that they are merely creations brought about by sheer ridiculous chance (if they're atheist), many mortals fail to realize that there is a class of being that stands above them in the hierarchy of life.

Standing beneath angels yet above humans are people like myself.


We are mortals who have come to understand the world around us. We have come to grasp how the world functions. We hold knowledge passed down since the creation of time. Magi are mortals who have transcended our humanity, mortals who have come to realize how the world has come into existence. Magi have learned to harness a fraction of God's powers.

Magi are those who have educated themselves upon the arcane arts.


Mortals and magi have existed independently from one another even before recorded time.

But recently, due to a few circumstances, the mortal and magical worlds have been forced to coexist.

But this is not a story about that.

No, this happens much earlier. This happens before the union of the two worlds even officially began.

Before the union was realized, an even shook the very foundations of both worlds.

We Magi, despite our vast knowledge in the arcane and the mystical, have never really come to perceive those beings above us. We've seen the endless demonic hordes of hell, the monstrous creatures of ancient mythology, and we are quite acquainted with beings of lore such as vampires and werewolves. But, in all our centuries of existence, we have never been granted the blessing of being in the presence of an Angel…

…not until that day.


Prologue: End



Here's another crack at me at trying to write this. The first chapter will be updated soon, hopefully.

–Male Persona