Reaper Ex Magus

Let me lay down a brief background.

A Magus is a person capable of performing Magic. Magic, in its most simple sense is the performance of acts that may appear to be incomprehensibly impossible in the eyes of a Mortal. A Mortal is a person who is incapable of performing magic, and is often unaware of its existence in the first place.

Magic is a science. It runs on formulas, the arrangement of runes, and sometimes the translation and proper recitation of ancient texts. Of course, its nature is mysteriously mystical. But there's a science to it, and it can be learned. Although, learning how to perform magic takes a lot of time and requires an individual to somewhat skew how he normally perceives reality.

Magi once lived in a world separate from the rest of humanity, up until a few weeks ago when a certain magus announced our existence to the rest of the world. This happened during a United Nations meeting, and it was rather televised. Nobody believed her at first… but she soon demonstrated her ability to perform magic… in a manner unfit to be described through conventional means.

The world of Magi is ruled by the 8 Noble Families, a mortal may compare them to their world's governments. As one might imagine, not all of the families were particularly happy with the fact that our existence was revealed to the rest of humanity. The Nobles have long since given themselves the responsibility of watching over mankind. It has been their role to watch over the world's secrets, of course their existence was in itself secretive in nature.

Most of the families hated the grand reveal. A few families simply didn't care. And finally, one family sought to benefit from the event.

The Roiteur Nobility decided to execute a grand plan. The plan would be considered taboo by even the most passive of the Nobilities. They planned to set up multiple schools throughout Japan. The schools would be created for the sole purpose of teaching mortal men the secrets of the arcane arts. It was a simple concept, but it was heavily frowned upon by the other Nobilities.

Still, they continued with the idea. The schools were to be called 'Gateway Schools', because they served the purpose of providing mortals a 'gateway' into the world of magic.

But the Nobility needed a dedicated central facility, one that could monitor all of the Gateway Schools. There were dangers to the Roiteur's plan. Vile acts of violence and terrorism against the Nobility were inevitable because of their actions.

Thus, Genevede was born.

I have been invited by a friend to go to Genevede, to work as a Knight there.

I happily accepted. Because, according to him, my fine set of skills are very much welcome in the grand scheme of the Roiteur Nobility.

Verse 1
: Chiaki Mizuhara

The interior of a private jet is a place I'm familiar with. It's not because I own my own jet, but it's more of the fact that most of my friends use one as their main form of transportation. My old occupation did not warrant me a lot of income, so purchasing a plane of my own was always out of the question. Still, it s a good feeling to often be invited onboard these things. It's quite the luxurious experience.

"You have no idea how much hate I've garnered from my relatives because of this. It's not even funny anymore."

Sipping his champagne across the fine table is Reiner Roiteur. This 24 year old has been a close friend of mine for years now. His appearance is that of a young businessman. He is dressed in an excellently tailored green suit, and his black hair is swept back. In this artificial light, his eyes almost seem to glow a mystical green.

"It's amazing how turned down I was. It was a sight to behold." despite his professional appearance however, he loves to gesture around exaggeratedly. "Why must we be so old fashioned? Magi these days are too attached to the concepts of old. It's time for change, I tell you."

Reiner, despite his young age, has managed to climb the Roiteur ladder of power. Unlike the other Nobilities which function in a manner similar to royal families, the Roiteurs follow a more pragmatic code. They rarely attach themselves to traditions and titles. In order to be respected in the Roiteur Nobility, one must not be born of Noble blood, but must instead show their ability as a magus… or as a businessman.

Needless to say, this man chose to prove himself via the latter.

"Chaos, are you even listening to me? Here I am gesturing about the pain of my dejection within my own family, and yet I'm not even sure if your attention is on me!"

"Oh, I'm sorry." I stop staring outside and look at him. "I didn't mean to, Reiner."

He leans back on his seat as an attendant refills our glasses. "You have a lot on your mind, don't you?"

"Perhaps. It's just been so long since we spoke. Now I find out that you only contacted me because you needed me for something?" I disappointedly cross my arms. "Never change Reiner, always the business-oriented person, I see."

"There's more to life than friends, Maxwell."

"There's more to life than business, Roiteur."

"Touché." he grins while raising his glass. "Well even so, I'm glad that you've accepted my request. There's going to be some… complications when it comes to your retirement from your previous profession. But I'll deal with that, so… no worries."

I accepted the offer the moment he gave it. I just needed a way out of that... questionable lifestyle. Reiner provided me with that way. It was a blessing I could not refuse.

"Sir, we are approaching Genevede." the voice of the pilot plays through the intercom.

"Ah, we're here." Reiner cracks his knuckles as he stands up. "'Landing' on Genevede is such a hassle, for now at least. I promise you, one day I'll find a way to get an airport functioning on the platform. Now if you excuse me, I am going to stabilize the aircraft."

Magical energy begins to flow. He opens his palms, almost as if touching an invisible layer of glass. As he spreads his fingers, blue light emerges from his finger tips. The light dances, forming into magical symbols and algorithmic numerals. Soon the space between us becomes filled with hundreds of complex hovering symbols, all of which the size of a penny.

Before us is something comparable to what mortals call a hologram.

He presses and moves some of the symbols, like they are magnets on a surface. Soon, I feel the aircraft slowing down, then eventually stopping. This private jet, a somewhat ancient but heavily modified concord, is soon hovering in midair.

"I think it's stabilized now."

"You think?"

"I'm sure it's stabilized now." he quickly corrects himself while his hands remain still. "You should proceed to the left wing exit. I have someone waiting for you there. She's going to ease you into the Genevede experience!"

"The…. Genevede experience?"

"It's something I concocted out of boredom. Now get out of here, I'm not going to be able to steady this aircraft for long." Reiner sneers while giving me a death glare.

I amuse myself with a hearty laugh as I pick up my one piece of luggage and head for the exit. An attendant opens the hatch for me. As the door opens, a ridiculously cold gust of wind blows inward. It's chilling, but I push through it and step on the nearby platform.

"Good bye, sir. Have a good night." the attendant gives me one last smile before she closes the door.

I take a few steps forward before turning around to look at the astonishing sight. The massive jet is hovering inches from the metal platform like a silent wasp. Soon it moves away, before it begins to accelerate forward. The plane slowly picks up speed, turning smaller and smaller as it flies off further into the night sky.

What happened back there was a basic Levitation Spell performed at a larger-than-normal scale. Only the most powerful of magi, such as Nobles are capable of such a feat.

I look around the platform I'm on. It's comparable to a metal dock, minus the water. Beneath me is a sea of black, the faintest of city lights can be seen if one looks hard enough. Above me is the starry sky, millions of stars paint the black canvas like diamonds. I look ahead and see towering structures lit alive by their own lights. They look like office buildings. Some of the structures are connected by bridges of light.

There's no one around. The whole 'dock' is empty except for my lonely self. And here I was expecting a warmer welcome. I'm disappointed.

"You've finally arrived. Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting here?" a pissed off but very feminine voice calls out from the darkness.

Emerging from a poorly lit area in the doc is a girl dressed in white. As she nears I realize that her whole appearance is ghostlike. Medium-length white hair flows down a little past her shoulders as her white dress moves about in the wind. I barely notice her ivory pale skin as her blue eyes come into the light.

"I'm sorry for making you wait. I assume that you're the escort that Reiner set up for me?"

The girl looks visibly taken back. "Escort? That's a somewhat offensive term to use on a magus of superior rank."

She begins to walk toward me with her hands at her hips. Upon mentioning her status as a superior, I straighten my stance. She circles around me, looking at me from head to toe. It's a bit unnerving.

"I've read your records. Chaos Maxwell, is it? That's quite the… what's the word, imposing name. I've also read a few things about you that were initially classified for people of my lowly rank… but I found a way around that. I was curious, y'see." she suddenly stops right in front of me and looks me in the eye.

She's beautiful. Her lips slowly curl into an almost innocent smile. Wait, did she just say that she--

"Curiosity killed Atlantis, yes. But without curiosity, we cannot advance." she continues to walk around me. "I figured that reading everything about you would be a great way for us to get to know each other, since you'll be living under my command in this facility from now on."

Then she stops and swiftly turns around, covering her mouth. "Oh, pardon me. I haven't introduced myself."

She straightens her back and crosses her arms. Her movement is somewhat childlike. "My name is Chiaki Mizuhara, an Elite Wizard of this Nobility. I will be your squad leader in your time here in Genevede… though that little fact has yet to be officially announced."

From the looks of things, it appears to me that she's quite the eccentric type. Reading about me regardless of security clearance and all that… Seeing that she went out of her way to introduce herself, I figure to do the same.

"I'm Chaos Maxwell, ma'am. I currently hold the position of an Expert Knight. I look forward to being in your care…" did that sound respectful enough?

"There's no need to introduce yourself. Everything I need to know about you is in my head… and more. And please, call me Chiaki. I hate being addressed as 'ma'am' or 'madam'. It makes me feel old."

"I… I see."

Chiaki swiftly turns around and points ahead. "Now we go to your dormitory! It's '2 in the morning so it's fairly difficult, not to mention a hassle, to tour you around Genevede, so we should both proceed to our dorms for some rest."

I sigh. If she's going to be my superior, then I'm quite sure that it's going to be a very interesting experience. She seems to be an individual who prides herself on being... different. It's an attitude that most of my friends possess, but there appears to be something that's different with the way she carries herself. I'll observe more tomorrow, as for now, I should just follow the path laid out for me.

Ms. Mizuhara takes me to a large, monolithic building that is quite a distance from where I was dropped off. She explains that this is the dormitory for Knights, such as myself. The outside of the building is perfectly plain, looking not so different than a large seven storey dormitory. But upon entering the front door, it is revealed that the inside is very classy.

She takes me up a few flights of stairs, after suggesting that it would be weird (for some reason) to see a male and female in an elevator together at this time of night. I am taken to the fifth floor and down a few halls before she finally introduces me to my room. A digital keypad is found right beside the door. Reiner gave me the code a few minutes ago in the plane. But surprisingly enough, Chiaki keys in the code and opens the door for me.

Is she… stalking me or something? She shouldn't know that code.

The room is completely dark.

"Well, this is your room. It's a little… stuffy and unprepared at the moment. But I'm sure you'll be satisfied with it." she claps her hands to activate the lights.

The lights come on and I am greeted with a satisfactorily looking dorm room. I've been to quite a few five and six star hotels in my life, and I'm happy to say that this place is comparable to the latter. A wide screen television hangs perfectly in front of the expensive looking, queen-sized bed. Gold lined furniture occupies the wide room as a large glass window replaces the whole eastern wall.

"It's perfect." I say as I throw my stuff on the bed. "Reiner really went out of his way to provide, eh?"

"It surprises me how casually you address that Noble." she smiles and I smile back.

"He is a childhood friend."

"Friends with a Noble? That's interesting, I didn't see that in your profile."

You shouldn't be reading my profile in the first place…

Chiaki walks over to the windows and taps the glass. The windows give a perfect view of the night. But as she taps the glass rhythmically, like she's applying some sort of invisible code, the black background disappears and turns into absolute white.

"There's weather and daytime control available on the windows and the room's temperature control. Meaning, you can dictate what time of day, or what season you want this room to be in. It's a nifty little thing my family suggested to the Nobility." Chiaki turns around and smiles. "The expected magi of Genevede will come from all corners of the earth. This should help them adjust to Genevede easier."

"Well that's awfully convenient. Thank you, Chiaki-san."

"Chiaki. Honorifics, yeah, I rarely use them." she walks past me, clapping her hands together. "I'll be leaving you for now. You're one of the last magi to arrive today, and you're the last person I needed to meet. The daylight meeting is on the day after tomorrow. We are all required to attend. You may find your uniforms in the cabinet, if you may so choose; you can go ahead and wear them tomorrow. Feel free to explore the place in the meantime, I'll see you again when needed."

I open the door for her as she leaves. It's the gentlemanly thing to do.

"Well, that's all you'll need of me for now and I'll need of you. For now, I bid you adieu." she ends her poetic words with a playful salute.

Being my happy self, I return the gesture.

She soon leaves, walking happily down the silent, empty hallway.

I close the door behind me and almost immediately lie down on the bed. I sigh heavily. I'm tired. It's been quite a day. Talking to Reiner and meeting the somewhat weird Chiaki made my day, but I'm otherwise tired to hell. My hand reaches for my bag and I pull something out from a pocket.

My eyes stare at the small silver box. Within it is something special. It's quite heavy. Tomorrow, I'll give this to her. When I find her, at least. It's been so long, but I hope that this is a worthy anniversary gift.

I close my eyes, and soon fall into deep sleep, right then and there.

Verse 1: End


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