Chapter 1: The Dinner (100 words)

" What's for dinner?" asked Gabriel as he entered her home.1

" It's a surprise," replied Letitia, a wicked gleam in her eye. " But I'm sure you'll like it. Go ahead to the dining room, it's ready."2

She heard his appreciative comments from the kitchen and smiled.3

" Mmmm, looks good!" he called.4

" I'm sure it will be," she purred. " It's very sweet."5

Taking two knives and forks from a drawer, Letitia entered the dining room, sitting beside Gabriel. They leered at the unconcious girl lying on the table. She was young,tender... surely delicious. 6

''Let's say grace.''7

They bowed their heads, praying.

Chapter 2: The Basement

Gabriel's chest heaved as he stared at the body of the young girl dead at his feet. He could feel the adrenaline coursing through him, slow to diminish in intensity. He could barely feel his hands still locked around the bloodsoaked ax at his side.1

Her dying shrieks echoed in his ears; he saw the terror in her eyes, and he smiled, felt his pulse quicken.2

The basement door opened, and Gabriel spun around, realizing that someone was descending the darkened basement steps...3

" What are you doing?!" exclaimed Letitia, his girlfriend.4

Gabriel froze.5

" I thought you'd be done by now! Hurry, skin her so I can start cooking!"6

She handed him a filet knife, kissed his lips with brisk impatience. Smiling, Gabriel kissed her back. She stood and watched as he began to carefully slice through the dead girl's flesh.

Chapter 3: The Soulmate

The Soulmate- 2

Letitia had always known he was meant to be hers. One look into his eyes and she could tell he was like her, as no other man she had ever encountered was. From the moment they first touched she could feel it like an electric current running through her, the knowledge further heightened by the slow curve of his lips as he turned her way. Gabriel was not like the others.3

And sure enough, a time never came when he cringed away from her, when he narrowed his eyes in disgust and shouted at her, looking at her as if she were a monster. He never pulled away from her as if her touch repulsed him, never tried to leave when her back was turned. Gabriel was quite content to be with her, even after he knew…if anything, he was even more enamored, for he too had feared he was the only one like himself. 4

It was their first dinner that was the test, and Gabriel, as Letitia had hoped, had passed it with flying colors. It was so hard to find a person that was right for you these days…people who enjoyed murdering were common enough if one knew where to look, but finding a person that enjoyed eating their victims too…well, that was more difficult. But in the end she had found her soulmate, and she was ever so happy for it.5

Chapter 4: The Bedroom

She tilted her head back, smiling, as he held her nude body close to him, one hand running lazily up and down her side. In his other hand he held the plate slightly away from her, teasing, wishing for her to reach for it.1

"Gabriel," she mock pouted, lowering her lashes at him, "I'm hungry."2

"Do you mean to tell me that my attentions did not sate your ferocious appetite?" he murmured, amusement in his tone as he continued to hold the plate away. "I'm hurt, Letitia, really wounded."3

"There is hunger of the libido…and there is hunger of the body…and you could satisfy both of them, if you would only be sweet enough to share," Letitia replied skillfully, giving his neck a playful nip. "Don't be such a pig, Gabriel. I want you to feed it to me."4

He smiled; he could never deny her for long. 5

"Very well," he replied, and he held the dripping heart to her lips, his smile widening affectionately as she took a large, savage bite, emitting a moan of pleasure at the taste.6


"Delightful," she managed through her mouthful, her eyes glowing, and Gabriel's heart twisted sharply. God did he love her. 8

Chapter 5: The Jacuzzi

He found her there in her bikini, hair piled atop her head, the warm water bubbling around her. Letitia smiled as he carefully slipped into the water beside her, setting the tray just outside the water.2

"What do you have there?" she asked playfully as she situated herself on his lap, an arm winding around her neck. Gabriel treasured the feeling of her scantily clad body pressed close as he wrapped an arm about her waist, pulling her even nearer and kissing behind her ear.3

"Hors de vours," he replied, and he reached for the wine glass with the hand not holding Letitia near him, handing it to her. As he picked up his own, she smiled at the crimson liquid, sniffing it.4

"Smells fresh…not as thick and curdled as the last time. And the fingers in the glasses, what a clever touch."5

"I thought it would add flavor," Gabriel smiled, and he held his glass up near hers. "Cheers."6

They clinked glasses and drank deeply, enjoying the taste of the blood as it slid down their throats.