A side-story in same universe as "Talking." If you haven't read "Talking," this might still make sense. Maybe.


The Hospital and Other Me

Other me, who is she?

The woman in glowing white

Holding beautiful needles

That she jams into my neck

With smiling eyes as I scream

Who is she?


She strolls from shadows

Should I wake up at night

A moon with huge black eyes

With hair like string in a bun

A syringe parked behind an ear

To prod me to sleep


She flaps the wings of curtains

And they fold neatly together

Keeping us safe and blind

So we can lay on our clouds

Stare at the ceiling and drift

After the white wasp has stung


Based off these, I know her now:

She is our knight in shining white

Having slain the red monster

But also the witch of the story

Keeping us under her spell

Prisoners in her pale castle


She knows we want to leave:

With quiet steps and no mouth

Just a mask and smiling eyes

She reached for her stingers

And her claws found nothing

Her eyes still smiled as they saw

Just one in your shaking hand

To push her into the clouds with.

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