I am not the same person I used to be. While some of those traits have remained within me, there are many that have been discarded to make room for new, better ones. This a rebirth for me, and it's something I've been wanting for a very long time.

No longer will I look at models and say, "I wish I looked like that". I am perfectly fine the way I am, and am working hard to get to an acceptable weight and level of physical fitness. I am beautiful because I am me, the only me that there will ever be, no matter what I look like on the outside.

No longer will I wish I had the courage to dress in the styles I've admired for so long. I will dress the way I please, no matter what anyone else thinks. If they do not like me, then that is their problem, not mine, and I don't need to worry about fixing it.

No longer will I go to people that I feel are displeased with me, and attempt to make things better so they'll like me. I am DONE WITH being a people-pleaser.

No longer will I chase friends who obviously have no interest in being friendly with me. They have made their point, and I will make mine by cutting them out of my life.

No longer will I worry about what people think of me. I am no longer the introverted, socially awkward girl I used to be. I am outgoing, friendly, and have become a beautiful butterfly that needs to learn to spread her wings and fly.

Now, on to the next part...

I like anime/manga. I like the violence/romance/action-adventure/drama. I like immersing myself in a story that can take me across the universe. This does not make me immature.

I read a LOT, for the same reason above. I also greatly enjoy reading Shakespeare, and classical epic poems like Beowulf and The Divine Comedy.

I try to be a good friend - I listen, I give advice if I've been through it before, I'm supportive, and I love to just go out and have fun with friends and hang out. I enjoy being around people and socializing.

I am a Christian, but this doesn't mean I hate people who believe differently from me. I love EVERYONE, and I enjoy fun religious debates with people I know aren't going to be disrespectful.

This is who I am - the shell I have cast off is no more, and I am bared to the world. I'm going to live every second, love every moment spent with friends and family, and achieve my dreams - no matter how far-fetched they seem. I AM WHO I AM, and this is my declaration of myself.